PS5 May Feature Auto HDR, Suggests New Patent

Auto High Dynamic Range (Auto HDR) appears to be one of the unannounced (and much-needed) features of PlayStation 5.

Auto High Dynamic Range (Auto HDR) appears to be one of the unannounced (and much-needed) features of PlayStation 5.

Sony Interactive Entertainment was discovered earlier today (via PlayFront) to have recently filed a patent that adjusts gamma and illumination values of an image through machine-learning software before rendering on a suitable display. The described technology resonates with how Auto HDR works to enhance older games for newer platforms, or backwards compatible games in the case of PS5.

Microsoft has already announced the Auto HDR feature for Xbox Series X and Series S. The said technology uses machine-learning algorithm to automatically improve the colors and visuals of backwards compatible games from older Xbox consoles. PS5 has backwards compatibility as well and hence why it was presumed as much that the PS4 successor does indeed feature Auto HDR even though the feature remains to be officially confirmed by Sony.

Auto HDR has proven to be a hit-and-miss on Xbox Series X and Series S where quality is concerned. Some games have shown significant improvement after being treated by the feature while others not so much. It comes down to manual tweaks and optimizations, particularly with modern television sets which can add HDR effects as well. Having both the console and television add Auto HDR at the same time most often ruins the visual fidelity and why players must decide for themselves when to enable the feature.

If Sony is indeed coming out with an Auto HDR feature for PS5, it will be interesting to compare the results of both rival next-generation consoles to see which console manufacturer has the better software implementation. In either case, the said feature is a technological need for backwards compatible games.

PlayStation 5 and its all-digital edition launch for $500 and $400 respectively on November 12, 2020.

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