First PS5 Exclusive Godfall Announced, Promises Looting And Slashing

Godfall is one of the first games officially announced to be part of the launch lineup for PlayStation 5 during the holiday season of 2020.

Set in an entirely new universe, Godfall is billed as a “third-person fantasy looter-slasher” that focuses on melee combat. Besides the genre, nothing more is known for the time being except that the game can be played solo but is primarily designed as a co-op experience with up to three players. Even the debut trailer, which runs completely in engine, fails to answer any questions. Sony may possibly be tackling the Destiny formula but in a next-generation sphere.

With Gearbox Software heading publishing duties, an emphasis on collecting (and upgrading) ever-escalating sets of loot and weapons can be easily expected. Some are even calling Godfall as the more serious Borderlands version. That’s a bit too soon and too sketchy to call right now.

Godfall is being developed by California-based Counterplay Games, which may come as a surprise. The developer only released its first game a few years back and that too was Duelyst, a free-to-play collectible card game. Jumping from that to a next-generation game like Godfall may seem questionable. However, Counterplay Games comprises staffers who have previously worked on games like God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ratchet and Clank, and Destiny 2. Hence, fair to say, Godfall is in very good hands.

Godfall will be releasing exclusively for PlayStation 5 as far as next-generation consoles as concerned. The game will also release for PC but as an Epic Games Store exclusive. It’s unclear if that exclusivity period will be timed or indefinite. In the case of the former, Godfall should land on Xbox Series X (and Steam) either six months or a year later.

Those interested in keeping tabs about Godfall can sign up for a newsletter by heading to the official website, which is currently barren apart from the aforementioned debut trailer.

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