PS5 Games Can Now Use Denuvo Anti-Cheat

Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided to allow the use of Denuvo anti-cheat to “bring cheating to an end” on PlayStation 5.

According to an announcement from earlier today, Denuvo anti-cheat will now be offered exclusively through the PS5 middleware program to developers and publishers to protect their online games from cheaters.

“Denuvo, the leader in video games protection, offers its anti-cheat solution to publishers and developers whose games are available on PlayStation 5,” reads a press release which goes on to reason that games generally earn “approximately 70 percent of their revenue” in the first couple of weeks of release. However, a game plagued with cheaters is bound to lose its active player-base by then and which is where Denuvo anti-cheat can prove to be a saving grace.

The same press release also interestingly states that a number of PS5 launch games were using Denuvo anti-cheat solutions but at the same time refrains from mentioning them by name.

Denuvo anti-cheat should not be confused with Denuvo anti-tamper which publishers like Ubisoft tend to use against piracy on PC. Both technologies have unfortunately been pretty controversial by impacting system performance, which for the record Denuvo has continued to deny.

In the case of PlayStation 5 though, Denuvo anti-cheat apparently “has no negative impact on in-game performance.” While that remains to be confirmed by the public, it should be recalled that developer id Software added the anti-cheat solution to Doom Eternal just last year before removing it following online backlash by players. That was on PC though and it will be interesting to see whether similar impacts are made to games on PS5 as well.

The implementation of Denuvo anti-cheat in PlayStation 5 games will however be optional. The tech is just middleware, meaning that developers and publishers are free to either use it or not. Sony has not forced the anti-cheat into every single multiplayer game to hit PS5 in the future.

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