PS5 Controller Camera Will Track Your Facial Expressions To Create Emojis

There was a time when Emojis were all the rage, probably 10 years ago. But today, they are just a standard for communication over various mediums. No one is really very excited about Emojis anymore. However, they might be after knowing what Sony has plans to do with Emojis.

Sony has filed a new patent for a new PS5 camera that is going to track your facial expressions. The camera is built into Sony’s Dualshock 5 controller. The controller camera will track your facial expressions to create relevant Emojis.

The camera system will be handled with the game system, which is connected to the internet. According to the patent, players can send the Emojis to friends online to show what their emotions were during gameplay.

The system can use a pre-made Emojis but can also create one from scratch. The patent was filed back in 2017 and like most patents, this may never see actual implementation. Companies file a hundred different patents but not only a few are actually implemented.

Sony also filed a patent for Google Stadia like streaming service and that is one patent we think may actually come to fruition.

Video Game streaming is the future it seems since Sony partnered with rival Microsoft. The PlayStation creator will use Microsoft’s Azure platform to create a streaming platform for PlayStation 5.

Sony recently rebranded PlayStation Now as “PlayStation Streaming” which shows where the company’s priorities are with the next-generation PlayStation. Innovation and change are necessary for Sony as the company believes PlayStation 5 will face tougher competition.

PS5 controller camera may not have the Emoji feature. In fact, the controller may not even have a built-in camera. Nothing can be said for sure as very little about PlayStation 5 controller and camera setups known at the time.

The company recently revealed the PlayStation 5 specs but never mentioned the new DualShock 5. While a built-in controller camera will be an interesting feature, the most impressive aspect of we know of is the PS5 SSD.

PS5’s SSD boosts rendering speeds and lowers loading times significantly. Spiderman PS4 was tested on PS5 to show its massive open world rendered at lighting fast speeds.

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