PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Will Get More MMO Games: Donkey Crew

Creating MMOs on consoles is difficult for many reasons but over the past few years, this is changing. The technology is advancing which means more complex gameplay design can work on consoles. We saw a number of MMOs games coming to consoles, games that were once considered PC only.

Speaking with Segmentnext, Donkey Crew the developer of Last Oasis shared its views about the possibilities with next-generation consoles. When asked if we can expect games like Last Oasis on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, the developer said they are looking at the many possibilities of Sony and Microsoft’s new machines.

According to Donkey Crew, both consoles are expected to be powerful enough to handle MMOs compared to current-gen consoles.

Consoles are definitely something we’ll be looking into down the line. Being an indie studio, we’re giving all the attention to the initial Steam release, but bringing last Oasis to as many players as we can with cross-play is a great goal to have for us to have.

There have been more and more MMO-type games coming out for consoles in recent years, both exclusives and ports from PC. Some of them do a wonderful job at providing fluid experience with their limitations, while some others, not being originally designed for the systems, struggle with things like controls and performance. With technology getting better and cheaper, consoles even now can rival with top-tier PCs and the next generation seems to be promising even more possibilities to developers. We definitely believe the industry will see more great projects taking full advantage of the next-gen

The console development landscape is changing as we are seeing more PC-like experiences coming to PlayStation and Xbox. Moreover, mouse and keyboard support is one of the featured companies are looking into for consoles.

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will release by Holiday 2020. At E3 next year we will have a better idea of the games line-up we can expect from both machines.

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