PS4 Version of FIFA 15 Sold 100K Copies More Than Xbox One In UK

FIFA 15 just recently came out in the UK for PS4 and Xbox One in addition to other platforms and it has been one of the top selling games in the UK. While we don’t have exact sales figures but according to a report FIFA 15 has sold around 100,000 copies more on PS4 compared to rival console Xbox One in UK.

UK has been a more Playstation friendly territory this console generation and considering the success of PS4 in the region, to me this news came as no surprise.

Actual sales figures are limited to companies partnered with Chart track but according to an insider report by a UK newspaper, 32% percent of FIFA 15 sales were on PS4 while the Xbox One managed only 22%.

“Chart-Track doesn’t reveal actual sales figures, since companies have to pay to access that information and aren’t supposed to make it public. But an insider tells us that the PlayStation 4 version was ahead of the Xbox One by 100,000 units.”

EA has made exclusive partnerships with Microsoft over the years for many of their titles and FIFA 15 was no different. The Xbox exclusive Ultimate Team Legends Mode was promoted by MS and EA alike but it seems it wasn’t enough to make the fans interested in this version of the game.

We could also say that PS4 has more consoles in the region than Xbox One which can also explain the difference. Will this shift EA’s interest towards Sony’s consoles in the future is an intriguing question.

But of course, until we hear something official from MS or EA these are just rumors and speculations. What is your take on the situation? Have anything to share? Let us know of your opinions in the comments below!

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