PS4 Update 8.50 Toggles Group Notifications And Removes Communities

Sony Interactive Entertainment has begun rolling out a new PlayStation 4 firmware update that brings forth a few quality-of-life improvements.

According to available patch notes (Mp1st) from earlier today, PS4 update 8.50 firstly allows players to toggle notifications for every group they are a part of. This was previously turned on by force and players were dealing with a bloated inbox if they had joined multiple active groups on PlayStation Network.

Secondly, PS4 update 8.50 entirely removes PlayStation Network Communities. The new firmware update, dubbed as Spring 2021 update, also allows players to send in a request to join a game session which the host can either approve or deny. However, if players are playing a game they have hidden, their game will not show up for other players.

The said PS4 update 8.50 has currently rolled out just for beta testers. The update should go live for everyone else in the coming days provided that there are no reported concerns.

The new firmware update follows update 8.00 which was released last October to introduce dozens of new avatars and most importantly, an enhanced two-factor verification system to support third-party authenticators. The additional protection layer now makes it secure for players to download authenticator apps from the App Store and Google Play for their PlayStation Network accounts.

Elsewhere, the new PlayStation 5 received its last firmware update a month back. Like prior updates, the new console received a series of system performance improvements and stability fixes. That and one major change where inserting a game disc into the console will not automatically install the PS4 version of the game. Previously, as with Black Ops Cold War, players were accidentally auto-installing the PS4 version of the game on PS5.

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