PS4 Update 2.50: Players Can’t Load Saved Data in Bloodborne and GTA V

PS4 system update 2.50 went live yesterday and brought along some amazing features, including the ability to suspend/pause game in rest mode. However, among these wanted features, apparently there was a hidden bug.

Don’t worry it’s nothing serious and it certainly doesn’t seem to be wide-spread. Players are unable to load their saves in Bloodborne, meaning the game fails to recognize saved data and starts from 0% completion. One of the users who played From Software’s Bloodborne said that apart from this problem, the game started downloading the day-one patch.

The patch he already downloaded!

If you’re encountering the same problem, here’s what fixed the issue for him. He went back to the main menu as soon the level was loaded.

This user isn’t the only one facing this issue and Bloodborne isn’t only game. Just last night, I played GTA V and it wouldn’t load by saved. After restarting the game and PS4 several times, I still couldn’t fix the problem.

I have two user accounts on PS4 and at the time, I was logged-in to the system with both of them. As soon I logged out of one, the problem was solved and GTA V was back to normal.

Something that’ll surprise you is that this isn’t the first time I have encountered such an issue. It happened before but I never paid much attention to it. That’s because in my case, it only happened with GTA V. So, I wasn’t sure if it’s an issue with the game or PS4.

This indicates that update 2.50 may not be the root of this problem. However, it may have helped it grow. Hopefully, Sony will look into this as soon as possible.

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