Xbox One Hasn’t Been Able to Beat PS4 In Australia Since Launch

Another big achievement for Sony and PlayStation as it has been confirmed now that PS4 is Australia’s best selling console since launch. Sony revealed this great PS4 sales news through their marketing campaign of the holiday season in Australia.

Sony announced that their PlayStation 4 has been the top selling console in Australia for years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018 (till September 30). Now that’s a very big achievement for Sony though three months still remain in the ending of 2018 but we don’ think so that any other console is going to overcome PS4 as it’s been selling like hot cakes not only in Australia but everywhere else too.

Other than Australia, NPD group has recently revealed that PS4 is leading the console market for the month of October. This October was also the best October in the console’s history.

Ps4 has clearly won this generation and still continues to dominate as it reaches closer to the release of its successor which is going to be PS5. We might be near to the release date of PS5 but according to the reports, there’s still one PS4 exclusive left to be released before that happens and we can’t wait to know which one it is.

This unannounced PS4 game is expected to be revealed before Sony announces PS5 so we are more than just excited. Currently, we have some big titles to look out for on PS4 including The Last Of Us 2, Days Gone, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tshushima which will also give another boost to the sale numbers of PS4.

Also, Sony has finally said that they are working on PlayStation 5. According to the rumors, PS4 is going to feature an 8-core AMD Ryzen CPU. PlayStation 5 is also said to support solid 4K resolution out of the box with 60 FPS and it’s also going to have a very reasonable price.

It’s rumored that developers have PS5 dev kits from some time which aligns with the rumors that Square Enix is working on a PS5 title.

Not only Square Enix, big developers like SIE, Bethesda, Rocksteady, Infinity Ward and more are also confirmed to be working on a next-gen title for PS5. We have also compiled a list of all confirmed developers to be working on a PS5 title.

Upcoming Call Of Duty title is also said to be a cross-gen title as hinted by the recent job listing posted by Infinity Ward. Infinity Ward also has a experience of developing a cross-gen game like Ghosts so the one we will see at the end of next year might be a PS5 launch title.

An insider has also confirmed that PS5 is set to release in 2019 along with PS VR 2. He’s the same person who revealed a day before that Sony is not going to be a part of E3 2018 and that’s exactly what happened so we have to keep what he says in mind.

According to him, dev kits are already available to the developers and PS5 release date announcement will be in 1 year and will release in 1.5 or 2 years. He also mentioned that Anthem will get delayed once again.


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