Playstation 4 Takes 30 Seconds of Booting Time

A demonstration from the PlayStation 4 media review event today revealed a rather high booting time for Sony’s console. Game Informer estimates it to be about 30 seconds, which is 10 seconds more than what the PlayStation 3 took to start.

That is the time you should be expecting when you boot up your PlayStation 4 later this week. While I don’t really find the extra 10 seconds that long to deal with; others out there might. Such individuals will just have to endure the extra booting time until Sony releases a system update in the future that will cut that down.

Nintendo previously had a similar problem with their Wii U console that had a horrendously long booting time. It took the company almost a year to release an update that cut down the start up time. Hopefully Sony will be more alert and vigilant on the matter and provide a solution soon post-launch.

The PlayStation 4 launches on November 15 in North America and November 22 in Europe.

Source: Game Informer

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