Report: Sony Permanently Dropping PS4 Slim Price Later This Month

Xbox One X is scheduled to launch later this year and Microsoft doesn’t even considers PS4 Pro a competitor for the console. With Sony not releasing any console to directly compete with Xbox One X, it seems that Xbox One X might take the holiday season. However, it seems that Sony might have an alternative solution involving the PS4 Slim.

According to a report from a Target employee, Sony is permanently dropping the price for PS4 Slim. The target employee posted on Reddit that they have received adds for the next week which suggests that PS4 Slim bundled with Uncharted 4 will be available for $269.99 and noted that this price drop might be permanent.

I work at Target, and we get the ads in a week or two early so that all of the employees know what is going to be on sale. So that we can do the markdowns, and the proper signage. And, our new ad for next week says that the PS4 Slim bundle with Uncharted 4 is now going to retail for the new low price of $269.99. It says “New low price” in the ad, so I doubt that it is temporary.

While it is just a rumor but, it is important to mention that analysts have noted that while Xbox One X has won the specs battle but, will lose because of its high price. With that in mind if Sony further drops that price for its base PlayStation 4 then we might be seeing an interesting competition between two console manufacturers.

Also, Sony has revealed that PS4 has shipped 63.3 million units till June 30, 2017. The figures are 3.3 million up from March 30 at which point Sony had shipped 60 million units of PS4.

It remains to be seen if Sony will actually drop the price for PS4 Slim but, if the report is true and the price drop is permanent then Microsoft might have a rough road ahead of it.

Source: Reddit

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