PS4 Has Officially Won This Console Generation

There will obviously be a side that argues with this point since the console war has always involved two parties in particular. Yes, I’m talking about the PlayStation Xbox rivalry. Numbers don’t lie though, and it looks like the PS4 sales have won this console generation.

PlayStation 4 sales worldwide have topped 96.8 million as of right now. That’s right, over 96.8 million people have bought the PS4 for their households. The Nintendo Switch may have Sony beat in Japan but the PlayStation 4 has still won the global market in terms of sales.

The PS4 has been home to some of the greatest video game hits this generation which helped this console stay ahead of rivals. The award-winning God of War is a prime example. God of War actually did hugely boost the PlayStation 4 sales and proved to be one of the biggest system sellers for Sony.

PS4’s Spider-Man game also brought in tons of new players to Sony console. The game was definitely worth every penny, delivering on one of the best Spider-Man experiences a diehard fan could ask for. Definitely a huge contributor to the PS4 sales numbers.

The Xbox did sell well in its home country but the console just didn’t have many dominating exclusives to back it up. The newer Halo installments didn’t do much, and everything else was forgettable. Now that we are at the end of this console generation and PS5 and Xbox Anaconda release dates are around the corner, it is clear who the final winner of current-generation is.

This generation of console war has now come to a close. All we can do now is wait for the PS5 release date and fabled Xbox Anaconda to come out.

There are rumors that a reveal is planned for Xbox Anaconda at the E3 2019. Meanwhile, Sony confirmed PS5 release plans by saying that it won’t release in the next 12 months.

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