PS4 Remote Play Client for PC Being Made by a Fan, Watch it Running

It is always an interesting idea to be able to use your console from your PC; for the millions of Sony fans, PS4 remote play feature on their PC would be a good thing.

While there is nothing official on that front so far, a fan has started working on such a client and is regularly posting videos showing off the progress.

Recently, the second video was posted online where you can see a game running on Microsoft Windows (he is currently working only on Windows), it shows some basic graphical user interface features and ability to use more than just a controller while playing:

I’ve got a basic GUI implemented along with hardware accelerated video and V-Sync so the video is very smooth (doesn’t look as good on here after conversion). I’ve also added in new dynamic controls with profiles that allow for any mapping of the controller so keyboards, mice, controllers even joysticks if you like!

However, the PS4 remote play client for PC is still in early stages which is evident from the immense lag that is caused by the remote connection.

Of course this will get better in the coming days.

So tell us, would you be interested in getting your hands on such a PS4 remote play client for your PC?

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