Report: PS4 Neo Based on 14nm CPU and AMD Polaris

PS4 NEO is going to be based on a 14nm cpu and uses AMD Polaris. It is a part of AMD's "new semi-custom business in 2H 2016."

PS4 NEO is based on a 14nm CPU and Polaris GPU, according to a report from VRWorld. AMD recently revealed its future business stretagy, mention a “new semi-custom business in 2H 2016.”

At the first glance of a slide from AMD’s presentation you may assume that it is a place holder for Nintendo NX. However, inside sources close to the matter claim that NX and Nintendo aren’t the only ones involved in AMD’s 2H 2016 new semi-custom business.

There is another company, Sony, the creator of PlayStation 4. This indicates that Sony is going to use new 14nm CPU and AMD Polaris for its PS4 Neo aka PS4K.

Roy Taylor – AMD / RTG’s head executive for Alliances, Content and VR Content recently spoke in an interview and confirmed AMD’s plans to expand TAM (Total Addressable Market). He said the following while defending the decision to only release mainstream and performance based Polaris products.

“The reason Polaris is a big deal, is because I believe we will be able to grow that TAM [total addressable market] significantly.”

Meanwhile, Nvidia is releasing its enthusiasts grade cards – 1080 and 1070. It is planning to release another GPU, GP106, to take on Polaris 10/11. This could turn out to be a major mistake by the company but we’ll see how it goes.

Nvidia’s GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 will release within a month. Nvidia GTX 1080 is hitting retail on May 27 with a price tag of $599 and performance that is better than Titan X, however, some benchmarks claim otherwise. We then have the GTX 1070 that will release early next month for $379.

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