New PS4 Firmware Update 6.51 Now Live, Here’s What It Does

Sony has now released new firmware update version 6.51 for PS4 and Pro systems around the world. This new firmware weighs about 470 MB in size and aims to only improve your system’s performance. Those who were hoping to see a bunch of new features on the system will unfortunately be disappointed.

“This system software update improves system performance,” reads the patch notes provided for this latest update. We are expecting this to be another update to prevent system exploits which allow the console to be pirated.

The most requested feature currently for the console is the ability to change PlayStation Network names which is something in beta since last year. Many were hoping to see it come out recently but unfortunately, today is not the day. However, you can’t ignore this update as you are required to install it in order to take your system online once again.

This new PSN username change feature is expected to arrive sometime in 2019 and it will allow everyone to change their username for free but only once. This feature will work with every game released after 1st April 2018, not every game will support this feature so keep that in mind. You are most likely to encounter bugs and you can revert changes if you get tired.

After your first alteration, Sony will charge you $9.99/£7.99 per for change and $4.99/£3.99 for those who have PlayStation Plus subscription.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is actively showing its support for the system and the previous update of the system brought us some of the most fan-requested features including PS4 remote play support on iOS devices for the first time.

There’s now an official remote play app available inside App store for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to have the same gaming experience on all of your iOS devices wherever you are without using your PlayStation 4 system and controller.

To play, you get on-screen controls. Basically, it’s the first time you can play God of War anywhere you want to on the go. It’s also very useful for downloading updates like above when you are not in your room so it’s quite helpful. Another little but very useful addition is the ability to perform”Enter” action with X or O. It’s only available for specific countries and regions.

It seems like we will have to wait for some time more to get any practical update so stay tuned to know about it first.

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