New PS4 Firmware Issue Prevents PSN Connectivity

The highly awaited PS4 firmware 4.0 was finally released last month and yesterday, Sony released stability update 4.01 for the firmware to improve console stability. However, it seems the trend of PS4 firmware issue continues with this new update.

According to many reports, ever since PS4 users upgraded to 4.01, they have been experiencing network connectivity issues on their PS4 consoles.

The official PlayStation Network website has a Network Service Status area which clearly shows that all PSN services are working normally but it seems the PS4 firmware issue is affecting individual users and preventing them connectivity to PSN.

The PS4 subreddit is filled with complaints of PS4 users reporting a huge variety of PSN related issues ranging from being unable to connect to PSN service or being unable to purchase games from the Store. Many users have also reported that third-party applications are affected by the PS4 firmware issue as well.

The official PlayStation support Twitter account has started addressing some of these issues as PS4 users put them forward, however there are still many users facing the problem and until Sony releases a proper software fix, it is unlikely that every PS4 user will be able to get in touch with support and hopefully get their issue resolved.

A few users have also reported error code WS-37397-9 which indicates that it is possible that the user’s IP was blocked by Sony so it could be a good idea to contact the ISP in that regard or Sony support instead of waiting for a potential software fix.

Some reddit users have also reported that even though they couldn’t connect to PSN after the 4.01 firmware update, switching their DNS to GoogleDNS ( primary and secondary) seems to have provided a temporary fix.

Despite having a beta program for testers to check out every new major firmware before it is deployed, Sony can’t seem to get a handle on these constant PS4 firmware issues and it is getting somewhat annoying especially when a functionality gets crippled like the case with firmware 4.01

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