PS4 Exclusive Nier’s Director Praises the Efforts Platinum Games is Putting In

Through a series of tweets; Taro Yoko has congratulated Platinum Games for its work on the upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive, Nier.

According to Yoko, the team behind Bayonetta is doing such a fine job on Nier that he feels he is not required to be around:

Platinum is doing such a great job, that I feel like I’m not necessary.

Although in this industry we not longer use the term “subcontractor” very often, it’s true that there are a lot of companies working with this philosophy of “we just need to do what we’ve been told”. But Platinum is honestly a great company. It’s like when you order a regular set at Ten-ichi [a restaurant] and they give you free fried chicken and rice, as well as an extra cup of Kotteri [Ramen soup].

That said, I’m the one in charge of the scenario, after all, so please never expect too highly of me.

Currently, the details regarding the game are scarce, but we are hopeful to see and learn more at the upcoming Paris Gaming Week during Sony’s press conference which is scheduled to happen on Oct. 27, 2015.

Are you looking forward to Nier on Playstation 4?

Source: DualShockers.

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