PS4 Exclusive Destiny Content May Not Finish Coming To Xbox Before Destiny 2

Apparently Activision and Bungie have mistimed the release dates of the exclusive Destiny content that has been given to the Playstation 4 since the game was first released. All of the content will apparently not be added to the Xbox One version of the game before Destiny 2 releases on September 3.

Playstation exclusive content has been a constant throughout the original Destiny’s run, giving gamers on the Playstation 4 special weapons, strikes, Crucible maps, and other content before they’re given to the Xbox One players of the game. The practice will also be continuing into Destiny 2, meaning Playstation gamers will still be at an advantage.

However, apparently for the original Destiny there will be too much exclusive Destiny content to give to gamers on Xbox One before the sequel comes out, which speaks badly of either Bungie’s timetable or Activision’s dedication to courting Playstation gamers.

Normally Playstation content has been given to Xbox One gamers at the same time as a major expansion, whether The Taken King or Rise of Iron. However, when exactly the rest of the content is going to be given to Xbox One gamers is a mystery, since all of Bungie’s attention is going to be on Destiny 2.

This isn’t even considering the possibility that there won’t be anyone left to play the original Destiny and thus get what other Playstation 4 content there is; since it’s the sequel to Destiny, it’s likely that a lot of gamers will be moving on to Destiny 2, or even outright switching versions.

Since we’re going to be losing everything at the start of Destiny 2, including our weapons, armor, abilities, and even our social space in the Tower, the exclusive Destiny content that will be added to Destiny after Destiny 2 comes out will be entirely irrelevant.

Destiny 2 will be releasing for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on September 3.