PS4 Becomes Sony’s Fastest Selling Console in Asia While PS Vita Sales Go Up 25%

Sony has revealed some fresh details regarding the performance of PS4 in Asia.

The latest gaming console has become the fastest selling gaming hardware by the company in the Asian market. According to a revealed chart, Playstation 4 has gone passed the mighty PS2 and PS3 as well.

Furthermore, the Japanese tech giant revealed some good news regarding its handheld Playstation Vita’s sales as well. Sony’s PS Vita has been struggling over the years and has become sort of an indie heaven since launch with very few AAA titles available on the platform, which is a shame because its predecessor Playstation Portable was a huge success.

However, it seems as though PS4’s launch last year has helped Vita sell better. Since PS4 is made available in the market, Vita has seen an increase in sales by 25%.

As you know, lately Vita has been marketed as a companion device for PS4. From the looks of it, the remote play functionality which lets you stream PS4 games on Vita over a WiFi network has played a part in this 25% boost.

With TGS around the corner, we expect to see things go even better for Sony’s consoles considering the amount of games they are bringing for the fans.

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