New Sony Job Listing Hints PS3 Native Emulation for PS5

A new job listing at Sony's Official LinkedIn page has hinted towards classic games emulation including PS3.

One big advantage Xbox has over PlayStation is its backwards compatibility. While PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users can still play old games via cloud, native PS3 emulation is something that is a great feature to have. Now it seems like Sony is working actively to do something about native PS3 emulation and improve their overall backwards compatibility scene.

Recently, Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment could be working on PS3 emulation for PS5. Now, a Sony job listing has appeared for a “Software Development Engineer” on LinkedIn hinting further towards the PS3 emulation:

Our Software Development Engineer position works on the Tools and Technology team at PlayStation Studios to support the newly relaunched “Classics” for PS4 and PS5. Classic games run via emulation of legacy PlayStation platforms. As a Classics engineer, you would work closely with a group of other engineers, producers, and QA teams to fix bugs, add new features, and develop new emulators.

Currently, PlayStation 5 can emulate PS1, PS2 and PSP games however, the emulation is still isn’t up to the mark. So it’s good to see that Sony is adding resources to improve the emulation for old games. For now, open source PlayStation emulators are emulating games better than Sony’s own emulator.

When PS4 was released, the ability to play PS3 games on PS4 was a huge topic of discussion back then as Microsoft allowed certain Xbox 360 games to be played on Xbox One. However, it was believed that PS3’s unique architecture makes it hard to emulate on PS4. Same could be the case with PS5 though we can’t be sure as some fans have indicated that PS3 emulation is possible but Sony apparently doesn’t want to invest enough money into the project.

So now Sony actively looking into these emulation scenarios is a good news for the fans. Let’s hope that we will be able to Play those great PS3 games on PS5 during its lifecycle atleast.


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