An Early Prototype Was When Everyone Knew Nintendo Switch Would Sell Big

Nintendo Switch has been a winner by all accounts and a much needed one at that for the Japanese conglomerate when noting how the hybrid console was launched at the heels of Wii U which struggled throughout its lifetime.

Speaking with Gamertag Radio in a recent interview, Reggie Fils-Aimé, the former President of Nintendo of America, stated that he was absolutely not surprised to see how warmly everyone embraced the Switch at launch.

Fils-Aimé actually knew that Nintendo had found its next console champion the day he held an early Switch prototype in his hands. He was confident that Nintendo had found a product to reap years of success similarly like the Nintendo DS and 3DS handhelds, and which would help ease him into retirement.

“The day that I sat with Mr. Iwata and held a prototype Switch and we talked about the concept, I knew it was going to be magical,” said Fils-Aimé. “I say this because the system was solving a key player complaint,” which Fils-Aimé explained was the portability nature of the system.

Nintendo Switch can be played on a television screen while docked but players can also take the console out and use it as a handheld on the go. The seamless transition allows players to continue playing from where they left off.

“Switch, with the opportunity to play on that big screen tv and then take it out of the dock and go play in handheld mode, met a fundamental consumer desire,” concluded Fils-Aimé.

Nintendo Switch was launched in March 2017. The hybrid console has since then shipped nearly 80 million units worldwide as of December 2020. The new system is now in for a hardware upgrade as Nintendo will reportedly be announcing a Switch 2 or Switch Pro or whatever the system gets called in the coming months.

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