Win 10 UI Major Design Overhaul Project Neon, Leaked By Microsoft

Back in January first week, we covered the leak by MSPowerUser who discovered Project Neon, a project on which Microsoft is working on to change the Win 10 UI graphically. However, the leaks were later confirmed by Microsoft during a presentation at its Windows Developer’s Day event.

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The image leaked recently by Microsoft is shown below, and it highly resembles the one leaked in January. Project Neon Seems to be a major upcoming update. Microsoft did say that instead of drastic changes they will be pushing out minor updates as Windows is now a service rather than a product. So what is Project Neon all about?

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The update will arrive later this year as Microsoft plans to bring in more use of animations, visuals, blur effects, transparency and other customizations to change the Win 10 UI graphically. It all started from Aero Glass of Windows vista and Windows 7 to Metro of Windows 8 and now Neon. The leak of Windows 10 neon design screenshot came from MSPoweruser. From the leaked screenshots, it looks like Neon will adopt roots of Metro, but, with minor tweaks, changes and updates and changing Win 10 UI graphically.

Reportedly, Microsoft is introducing a new element, which uses increase usage of transparency. It is called as “Acrylic” which is for overall Windows 10 design. It will be a mode for developers to further customize the appearance of their universal apps. Not only this, Project Neon focuses also on Microsoft’s efforts with 3D and HoloLens.


However, most of the changes are related to UI, which are minor changes. Rather than a major overhaul of Windows 10. Project Neon is set to arrive in sometime later in future. More specifically, it will come out in Redstone 3 which comes after Redstone 2 also known as Creators update. Let us know what you think about Project Neon.


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