Project Morpheus Price, Upcoming Games, Release Window Leaked

sony project morpheus
Earlier this week, Sony officially announced Project Morpheus which is their Virtual Reality System for Playstation 4.

Planning on going neck and neck against Occulus Rift, not much details were provided about the Project Morpheus except that it will feature a 1080p resolution, 90 degree field of view, Accelerometer/Gyroscope sensors, and 3D audio technology.

Now, if we were to believe the rumors, a Reddit user who seems to be an industry insider has disclosed much-anticipated information about the project. Before you head in, note that, all of this should be taken as a rumor until it gets official.

The extensive post states that Sony has yet to finalize the release date for the project, but users should expect it somewhere near the end of 2014 Fiscal Year. As for naming the device, Sony is most likely to name it as Playstation View or PSView.

The price point that Sony has been targeting is said to be somewhere between $250 to $299 with a camera bundled with the device.

Previously, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios announced that the VR would feature both DualShock 4 Wireless Controller and Playstation Move; depending upon the kind of title you are playing, which brings us to the next piece of information.


The insider suggests some of the titles, which are in development for Project Morpheus include The Last of Us, God of War, Driveclub. In addition to this, developers like Guerilla Games are currently developing something novel for the device.

Along with the 1080p version, an OLED display based 1440p, and 90 Frames per Second variant is also in the making which will set you back $399. And lastly, the headset will not be compatible with the PCs.

Check out the full post at Reddit and once again, wait until E3 2014 to make your decision as none of this should be considered as truth, as of now.

With all these features, do you think Project Morpheus will stand up against Oculus Rift? Let us know in the comments below!

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