Project Morpheus is Now Called PlayStation VR!

Sony has finally officially named Project Morpheus, now it is called PlayStation VR; and it is slated for release next year.

Finally, Sony has decided on an official name for their virtual reality headset that has been called Project Morpheus for as long as we remember it. The head mounted set is now officially called PlayStation VR.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia took to the stage at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 with a number of game announcements, but the PlayStation VR was also given a slot.

As expected this has got nothing to do with the components and manufacturing of the device; it just needed a proper name that would be better than Project Morpheus and now it has one.

PlayStation VR is scheduled to hit the racks sometime in 2016 and it is being looked up to for a number of reasons, one of which is the much sleeker design that it has as compared to competitors.

Any how, During the press conference where the new name was announced, Sony also boasted of a vast range of titles that are going to be compatible with the virtual reality headset. For instance, Final Fantasy XIV was mentioned

So far, virtual reality gaming has been on the side show, but with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus all gearing up for a release, I am thinking things will change pretty soon.


Do you think PlayStation VR can become a mainstream gaming product?

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