Riot Games’ Project L Gets a New Senior Marketing Manager

A new marketing manager for Riot Games' Project L could mean that the team is ready to ramp up its marketing efforts for the new fighting game.

For a long time, we only knew Riot Games for League of Legends. However, for the past few years, League of Legends developer has been trying to expand its portfolio in both League of Legends universe and with other games as well.

Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift are a few examples of that expansion. Apart from these already released games, a few more projects seem to be in development at Riot Games. These are Project L, a 2D Fighting Game in League of Legends universe, Project F, an Action role-playing, hack and slash game and an unannounced MMO game in the same universe.

Out of all these new projects, we have heard about Project L the most.

Now, the team for Project L has added a new marketing manager. Marcelo Duende, former Creative Director of Legends of Runeterra has joined Project L as a Senior Marketing Manager for Creative Direction. So it seems like that Project L team is ready to ramp up its marketing efforts. This usually means that we will be seeing a lot more of Project L and the game could very well be far into development as marketing efforts are increased when the product is close to complete.

Project L was first announced back in 2019 and we haven’t seen much of the game since then. Summer is a good time for publishers and developers to show and discuss their games and we might hear or see something about Project L.

Since the announcement, fans have been wondering if the upcoming Project L will also be a free to play game as well. While we don’t have an official confirmation yet, Project L has a high chance of being a free-to-play project as well like all the other Riot titles. A free-to-play model can work well for a fighting game as well as Riot can add new fighters for a price after the release of base version.

Fans have also been eagerly waiting for an announcement related to the MMO project which appears to have undergone a lot of R&D. Many Riot Games employees still have an unannounced project mention on their profiles on LinkedIn which could very well be the unannounced MMO. Riot Games Executive Producer of the unannounced MMO also hopes that the game will see the light of day which means that the project could be cancelled as well.

As I said before, fans are quite excited to see these new projects in action as League of Legends has a huge fan-base. A fighting game and an MMO in the same universe could be massive success for Riot Games.

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