InXile’s Project Colbolt Reportedly A First-Person Steampunk RPG

There is reportedly a brand new role-playing game being helmed by developer inXile Entertainment with a steampunk setting.

Speaking during a new episode of The Xbox Two podcast, Windows Central editor Jez Corden stated that the rumored steampunk game is called “Project Colbolt” and will “probably” feature a first-person perspective.

Interestingly, inXile Entertainment has been seeking a lead character artist and a senior lighting artist for an “unannounced project” who must have experience working on both first- and third-person games.

Project Colbolt may or may not feature both perspectives for different encounters, but does appear to be a great jump for the developer who recently finished up on its acclaimed isometric-styled Wasteland franchise.

There is no word on when Project Colbolt will release, but has been given a tentative release window of 2023 for the time being.

The steampunk game might have been in development for nearly a couple of years because it was in late 2020 when inXile Entertainment confirmed a new role-playing game to be in the works for more than a year.

Any further details are sparse but looking back at old job listings, inXile Entertainment has labelled its new project as triple-a with “mind-blowing game visuals” and “high fidelity modeling and advanced lighting techniques” among other next-generation features.

However, the same listings suggested a release across multiple platforms, which would no longer be happening. Microsoft acquired inXile Entertainment back in 2019 while Wasteland 3 was in development. Project Colbolt will hence be console exclusive to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. PlayStation owners will probably have to play the game on an Xbox or PC system.

It would be safe to say that Project Colbolt will not be receiving any official acknowledgement anytime soon. Hence, as far as fans are concerned, they best jump into Wasteland 3 which boasts “a world worth admiring and can be considered one of the best turn-based games in recent years.”

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