How to Earn Driver Points in Project Cars 3

Project Cars 3 is built around a very extensive upgrade system. The bulk of the progression system relies on driver points so we prepared this guide to help you earn driver points in Project Cars 3 with ease.

Project Cars 3 Earning Driver Points

Driver Points have a similar usage like XP has in other games. Players earn points based on their performance in a race or Hot Lap session.

Players will need to earn cash to buy anything ranging from cars to car parts, different classes, and even tracks. And to get the most optimal experience, players need to ensure that they have the maximum race timings to bank as much XP or Driver Points as possible.

The game often becomes very exacting which makes earning driver points a difficult affair.

Often a player can get stuck with an unfamiliar class and car that doesn’t handle well for them which affects the number of Driver Points they will earn at the end of the event.

But there are a few nifty ways to gain a good amount of driver points in PC3 as we will explain below.

Farming Tips

To earn the maximum amount of driver points from a session, players need to disable as many driving assists and increase the A.I difficulty as much as possible.

The more hardcore your session settings are, the more Driver Points you will earn. Because raising the difficulty also raises the multiplier that is connected to the final points you receive.

The point values are calculated from a player’s overall performance during an event or session.

The player’s final standing in the race will have the most significant effect on the number of Driver Points they are awarded.

Driving habits during an event also impact the number of points you are awarded at the end.

Colliding with other cars as you overtake them (Referred to as a Dirty Overtake) awards significantly lesser points as compared to passing a car without contact (Referred to as a Clean Overtake).

Players who focus on their lap times while following the proper race lines and breaking efficiently on curves gain the maximum amount of Driver Points.

Additionally, staying on the track especially during Hot Laps is necessary to earn points.

If a player finishes first but broke the track rules and went off course while doing so, then they will not be awarded any points.

Players will earn Driver Points no matter which event they participate in. The only requirement to earn points is finishing the event.

This means that the player can create their own game sessions with custom rules and players will earn points regardless of what settings they use for the race or event.

If a player wants to bank a massive amount of points quickly, they can create a race on a basic track of their liking which has easier turns and set the A.I difficulty as high as they can manage, set the number of laps and opponents to one.

If the player finishes first and manages a low lap time then they will be awarded a massive amount of Driver Points.

The Mojave tracks are best to use in this case since they have fewer drastic turns and are smaller in length.

This method of banking points sure seems like a lot of grind and not that fun but will enable the player to earn a large number of Driver Points in a short period.

Being able to set the course to their liking means that the player can run the same simplistic race as many times as they want and they will keep earning points from it.

But, longer and more challenging races with higher difficulty A.I opponents and fewer driving assists provide the most substantial amount of Driver Points per race. They also require more dedication and effort from the player.

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