Project Cars 3 Development Has Already Started One Year After 2’s Release

Even though Project Cars 2 only released last September, Slightly Mad Studios, its developer, is already starting Project Cars 3 development, ensuring that the game will likely come out over the next few years. Project Cars 2 got good reviews when it came out, so hopefully Cars 3 will get similar reviews, if not better ones.

The Project Cars series is much like other realistic racing simulators like both of the different Forza games, along with the Gran Turismo series. With dozens of cars to choose from and race on a large number of different tracks, competition between each of these different series is a very big deal.

Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell made the announcement on the forum GTPlanet, where he said that Project Cars 3 development had started. However, he still couldn’t give people very many details about what all will be in the new game, and has just said that it will take some time to develop and that everything will be explained in time.

The original Project Cars game came out in 2015, so the two-year gap being shortened to one year may be a sign of renewed confidence in the studio, hoping that it can start making yearly games like Gran Turismo and Forza can already despite the smaller size of their studio. Of course, we still don’t know when the game will come out, so the two-year gap could still be in place.

However, the studio starting development so soon will hopefully be able to work out in its favor. They may be able to put in more cars and more tracks across the entire game, and hopefully the larger development time will allow them to make the game even better than previous games.

Project Cars 3 development will likely take some time, but if Ian Bell really is going to eventually explain everything that we’ll be seeing in the new game, hopefully it comes soon.

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