Project BattleCat Rumored To Be A Tom Clancy PvP Mashup

Ubisoft is said to be working on a new player-versus-player (PvP) arena shooter codenamed Project BattleCat which mashes the Tom Clancy franchise into a single multiplayer experience.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, known data miner Zer0Bytes shared several images to showcase how Project BattleCat features playable characters from all three Tom Clancy franchises: the Third Echelon of Splinter Cell, the Wolves of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and the Cleaners and Outcasts of the Division.

The characters are designed based on their respective franchise themes and hence offer unique classes with unique abilities. The Third Echelon for example are all about stealth. They can remain undetected as well as able to reveal locations of nearby enemies for tactical advantages. The Wolves as another example rely on their body armor, shields, and barriers to become hard to kill.

Project BattleCat is furthermore said to be in early stages of development and hence, might possibly skip an appearance at the Ubisoft Forward event later in the week. The in-development status might also be the reason behind the absence of Rainbow Six Siege in the playable roster.

The first-person PvP shooter remains in development for current-generation consoles and PC provided that the leaked images are legitimate, which they do appear to be. It will be a while before Ubisoft starts making reveals, making a tentative release window for perhaps somewhere next year.

Recall that Ubisoft had been exclaiming interest in triple-a-quality free-to-play games for all of its flagship franchises. Project BattleCat could just be one of those offerings with a free-to-play mode that relies on in-game cosmetic microtransactions.

The Ubisoft Forward event takes place on June 12, 2021. Ubisoft has promised to bring some “big announcements and updates” as well as “surprises” for fans.

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