Project 007 Features Its Own Bond, Could Spark A New Bond Trilogy

IO Interactive has begun opening up about its plans for the recently announced Project 007 and how the James Bond game came to be in the first place.

Speaking with (via VG247) in a recent interview, game director Hakan Abrak teased that he “could easily imagine a trilogy” of games coming out of Project 007 in the future, which may as well be a nod at how IO Interactive handled the the acclaimed World of Assassination trilogy for the Hitman franchise.

Abrak further revealed that Project 007 will feature its own James Bond version and will not be borrowing the digital likeness of any of the actors who have played the British spy on the silver screen. He did not mention if IO Interactive has already pinned down its James Bond or if that remains an ongoing search.

Something else of interest which Abrak revealed was that IO Interactive spent nearly two years preparing a pitch for keyholders of the Bond brand, who incidentally have never been happy with past Bond games because they were based on “violence for the sake of violence.”

Comparisons between James Bond and Agent 47 have been made by fans for years. IO Interactive has a slow and methodical take on the Hitman franchise which should work wonderfully well for Project 007 as well. That is in complete contrast to the fast-paced shooters from the past where Bond had enough ammunition to become Rambo against endless enemies.

IO Interactive has confirmed that Project 007 will be a “wholly original” origin story of how James Bond came to be. The game remains in active development for modern-day platforms on the Glacier engine which powers the recent Hitman games. A release window has not been cited but fans can keep their fingers crossed for a potential release in the next three years.

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