New Profiles And Achievements Inbound For The Epic Games Store

Some highly wished (and important) features are finally ready to arrive for the Epic Games Store as part of a new storefront update.

According to an updated developer roadmap from earlier today, player profiles are being revamped to centralize all gameplay activity, account-related stats, friends, a host of other presentable information, as well as achievements.

An achievement system has been missing from the digital storefront since its launch, making its roll-out fairly exciting for players who might prefer Steam for the same game just to be able to unlock its achievements.

Unlike Steam achievements however, the Epic Games Store achievements will actually have worth. Based on preview images shared by Epic to show off how achievements as well as the new profile pages will look, each game on the Epic Games Store will divide its achievements between Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers. The different tiers will also earn players varying experience points which will help level up the player-account in addition to perhaps other uses.

Do note that once the Epic Games Store gets updated, it will take some time to add achievements to all currently available games. Epic has not confirmed when the update will be going live. The only thing for certain right now is that the next storefront update has been filed under “Up Next” from “Future Development.”

Other improvements inbound include a simplified comparison system for players to stack different game editions against each other to determine what each edition contains. There are also category pages being readied to make it easier to search for games through their genres like action, role-playing, or strategy.

The wishlist layout will furthermore receive improvements as well to allow for an expanded and condensed view alongside filtering options. That and players will now be able to access their wishlists directly from the primary navigational bar, and be able to wish-list a game from its product tile within the store.

More remains to be done for the Epic Games Store. Features such as gifting and reviews are still missing and will arrive somewhere down the road.

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