Professional Valorant Player Accused Of Sexual Abuse

Sinatraa, a professional Valorant player, has recently been accused of sexual and mental abuse in a lengthy document that an ex-girlfriend of his, Cleo Hernandez, posted onto Twitter yesterday. So far neither Sinatraa or his team, Sentinels, has responded to the allegations, though only time will tell just how both of them respond.

In the document, Sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend detailed multiple incidents where he would force himself on her for sex and not caring about her mental condition. He would also be constantly accusing her of lying and cheating on him, and would be constantly checking up on her location.

Each of these things happened multiple times, and Hernandez said that Sinatraa would become angry if she didn’t follow his rules. This even extended to becoming angry when she was taking a nap after work because her location did not show her as being at home, to the point of wanting to break up with her.

While there’s no telling if these allegations are true or not, having them in such detail is likely a point in Hernandez’s favor. Various other esports players like Sinatraa have also been kicked from their teams and had sponsorships revoked due to poor behavior in past relationships and other incidents, so him being a professional Valorant player likely won’t be enough.

If Sentinels and esports authorities choose to believe the accusations, Sinatraa could end up without a team and possibly blacklisted. However, since they haven’t responded to the allegations yet, there’s no telling what might happen.

Even if they respond to it, it’s also possible that Sentinels won’t do anything to punish Sinatraa. Rather than being recent, the incident apparently happened over a year ago, so they may no longer think it current enough. There’s also the possibility of doubting Hernandez on account of her being an ex-girlfriend.

Professional Valorant player or no, hopefully Sentinels and Riot will make the right decision in resolving this incident, one way or another, as other leagues have with other players in the past.