Pro Evolution Soccer 18 PC Will Be the Best Port Ever: Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer 18 is one of the two games that are famous for their soccer franchise, other one being FIFA from EA. But for the past three years, the PC port of PES has been really poor while EA has done well with FIFA on PC. Konami says this year won’t be the same as the PC port is of the highest standard.

However, Konami says this year won’t be the same, the PC port is of the highest standard.

Adam Bhatti, global product and brand manager for PES, tells that it has only been 3 games where the Pro Evolution Soccer PC and console versions weren’t on the same level. Obviously, fans would not be happy to see that but they had to utilize their resources to optimize the console version.

Pro Evolution Soccer PC hasn’t generated enough sales, according to Adam Bhatti. He adds that this is one of the major reasons they had to channel those resources to take care of complaints and issues of the console community.

Another reason for the dip in the quality and optimization of Pro Evolution Soccer PC is the demands of the game’s FOX engine. Bhatti says that every year they’re doing a lot of work on FOX engine, learning it, adapting to it and developing the game on this engine. This requires time and resources.

The reason they couldn’t get around working with the FOX engine to develop the game quickly was that console community was their priority. They claim that most of the sales are derived from the console version and that’s why it has their undivided attention.

However, they claim that Pro Evolution Soccer 18 will be of highest standards and will not disappoint the fans. But a soccer fan playing the game on PC will most likely switch to EA’s FIFA instead of getting disappointed three times in a row. But hopefully, PES has something better to offer this time.

Pro Evolution Soccer PC is going to release September 12th as PES 2018. Demo arrives next week. What’s your take on Konami’s explanation, let us know in the comments below.

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