Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Gets New Data Pack, Trailer and myPES App

As previously announced, Konami has released Data Pack 2 for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PES). It comes with a new trailer listing the changes. One of the additions in the free update is the 800 new faces for star players. See if you can guess them all.

Another cosmetic addition comes from a ton of new kits from some major teams, with the proper sponsorships attached. More shoes are also available from Adidas, Nike and other leading brands.

Aside from just cleaning up those shiny, sweaty faces of athletes to make use of the new Fox engine for the game, there are also corrections made to the full roster. Teams now hold the correctly transferred players.

Gameplay finally sees the long-awaited 11 vs 11 mode come to the game, thanks to the free patch.

Together with the data pack release, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 receives a myPES application. It’s out now for iOS devices and will follow up with an Android version shortly.

Players will be able to share their statistics from their PES game with other users. Each match will yield an analysis for shots, possession, passing and so on. This, on competitive levels, could introduce a whole new level to the meta-game, with opponents preying on their rivals’ weaknesses.

As a nod towards people who don’t connect their console online, Konami has implemented a scanning code after matches that can let the app perform its tasks that way.

With a dedicated app built around their community, PES is undoubtedly trying to catch up with competitor FIFA from EA. They’ve successfully been running a Football Club application that gives its users easy access to game content.

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