Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones & Forgotten Sands Surface On PS5

Some of the most acclaimed Prince of Persia games on PlayStation 3 might soon be playable (and purchasable) on PlayStation 5 following widespread rumors of new, backwards compatibility support on the current-generation console.

Both The Two Thrones and Forgotten Sands surfaced on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 5 (via ResetEra) over the weekend. Such listings would normally be for PlayStation Now except that they are appearing with separate price tags, suggesting that the listings might run through backwards compatibility and not through the streaming-based PlayStation Now service.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has apparently found a robust backwards compatibility solution to run all PlayStation classics on its new PlayStation 5 flagship based on a discovered patent from last week.

The sudden appearance of non-PlayStation-Now Prince of Persia classics on PlayStation 5 is being taken as Sony finally allowing players to enjoy games from the golden PlayStation era on their current-generation console, giving credit to Project Spartacus, a rumored three-tier subscription service giving players access to a large catalogue of both modern and classic games ranging from the original PlayStation 1 to now.

Take note that Sony has also started removing PlayStation Now gift cards from United Kingdom retailers. The option to subscribe or renew a PlayStation Now subscription has also been taken away which further fuels the notion of backwards compatibility hitting PlayStation 5 in full strength somewhere in the near future.

The Two Thrones HD, which was remade for PlayStation 3, carries a price tag of $13.50 while The Forgotten Sands has been priced $17.99, at least for the time being.

The aforementioned Prince of Persia games are not alone. Dead or Alive 5, another PlayStation 3 offering, has similarly surfaced with its own price tag. Bejeweled 3 has been spotted as well.

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