Prey Glitch Discovered That Gives You Infinite Crafting Materials

A Prey glitch has already been discovered and the game isn’t even a full day old yet. The glitch in question can be handy to many players though, as it’s an exploit that will allow you to generate infinite crafting materials. It’s a fairly simple glitch, too, and easily reproduced.

In order to make use of the Prey glitch, you have to play around an hour into the game, where you get to Morgan Yu’s actual office. In that office, there’s a recycler, which you can use to break down various items into crafting materials.

In order to do the glitch, you have to fill the recycler with already recycled materials, so you can put crafting materials in the recycle and get more crafting materials out of them. With an infinite source at your fingertips (at least until Arkane patches the glitch out), you’ll be able to craft pretty much anything in the game you need.

Considering that you’ll be traveling all around the space station of Talos One, fighting lots of enemies and needing to resupply all the time, the ability to make anything possible as much as you want will definitely be a vital asset.

Of course, that depends on how long it takes Arkane to patch the Prey glitch. While the ability to make all of that stuff would be useful for a player, it would definitely break the game and keep it from being challenging, especially since you’ll have enough materials to make essentially anything.

If you want to play Prey right now, it released today and you can play it on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC to try and save humanity from the Typhon invasion. To find the exact location of the glitched replicator, you can look further up the article at the video that shows you where it is.