Prey 2017 Weapons Locations Guide

Prey 2017 Weapons Locations Guide to help you find every single weapon available in the game. In addition to the locations of the weapons, we have also detailed the Fabrication Plans locations and things like dismantled components, yielded materials, and more. As a general rule of thumb, Prey 2017 Weapons are usually on the dead bodies of staff members.

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Prey 2017 Weapons Locations

Dismantles into: 1 Spare Part
Materials Acquired: 1 Mineral

It is found after leaving the apartment second time on the dead body of Patricia Varma.

Gloo Cannon
Dismantles into: 3 Spare Parts
Materials Acquired: 1.50 mineral, 1.00 synthetic

Gloo Cannon is in two locations: inside the woman’s restroom on the first floor of the Main Lobby and inside the Neuromod Division Foyer. Ammo plan, on the other hand, is inside Morgana’s safe in his office at the Talos 1 Lobby.

Disruptor Stun Gun
Dismantles into: 1 Spare Part
Materials Acquired: 0.30 mineral, 0.50 synthetic

First location is at the Neuromod Lab on the second floor. Check the corpse there to find it. All you have to do is use your Gloo Gun and reach the balcony above from the sign and find the corpse between the Volunteer Quarters and the Volunteer Testing doors.

The second location is in the Simulation Debriefing room.

Dismantles into: 2 Spare Parts
Materials Acquired: 0.50 mineral, 0.15 synthetic

Shotgun in Prey 2017 is in two locations: inside the Security Office in the Talos 1 Main Lobby and in the Neuromod Division on Nash Underwood’s body.

You can access the Security Office through two entrances. Find the keycard in the I.T Security Room by going upstairs towards the center balcony, hack the keypad, enter the room and get the Security Office on desk.

The other  entrance is by crawling up into the vent entrance outside the locked Security Station door to enter the office without the keycard.

Huntress Boltcaster
Dismantles into: N/A
Materials Acquired: 0.75 Synthetic

Huntress Boltcaster is in the Typhon 1 Main Lobby – behind Kelly Randolph’s desk in the Sales Division. Fabrication Plan, on the other hand, is in Neuromod Division Level 1, inside Caleb Hawthorne’s terminal.

Silenced Pistol
Dismantles into: 1 Spare Part
Materials Acquired: 0.75 mineral, 0.25 synthetic

The Silenced Pistol in Prey 2017 is in two locations: on Elias Black’s corpse in the Teleconferencing Center in Talos 1 Lobby and on Morgan’s desk in his Talos 1 Lobby executive office.

Dismantles into: 3 Spare Parts
Material Yield: 1.50 mineral, 1.00 synthetic

This one is located in the Beams and Waves Lab in the Hardware Labs. Simply use the Repair 2 ability and fic the breach failsafe panel. Once that’s done, enter the 1 Exterior area from the Hardware Labs bulkhead.

Now, go back to the Hardware labs but this time access the Beams & Waves Lab. Outside the testing room you’ll find terminals to use that will unlock the Q-Beam.

Artemis Golden Pistol
The Artemis Golden Pistol belongs to Jada Marks and is inside her cabin’s safe, located in the Crew Quarters. You need to complete The Golden Gun optional objective in order to acquire it.

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