Prey 2017 Through a Glass Darkly Walkthrough

Prey 2017 Through a Glass Darkly Walkthrough Guide will help you with Through a Glass Darkly mission with tips on how to sneak or fight your way through to complete your objective. Talos I is full of secrets and dangers and mimics can pop up from anywhere and will attack you but mimics are not the only threat aboard Talos I.

Prey 2017 is a first-person horror game which takes place in a near future aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the earth. The station is a research facility that experiments on alien life form but things have gone terribly wrong and you (Morgan) is the only one who can stop Earth’s annihilation.

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Prey 2017 Through a Glass Darkly

As you reach to Morgan’s Office head to the desk where are various collectibles including a keycard. Log in to the computer and access the video that January is talking about.

The video will play behind you, however, before he is about to reveal critical information the video is cut by Alex.

January will tell you that the connection to the server has been lost and suggests to search Dr. Calvino’s workshop in the Hardware Labs to re-establish the connection.

There is a safe near the desk search and move on. As you step outside the office, carry the turret to the doorway ahead, outside Teleconferencing Center’s door.

Use the keycard that you picked up from the desk to unlock it, the door will open and mimics will attack but the turret will take care of them.

As the area is clear go inside the Teleconferencing Center, exit the center from the door to the other side and cross the catwalk.

The Hardware Labs doorway is partially obstructed by hardened GLOO destroy the GlOO with melee attacks and proceed ahead.

Now you have entered the hardware Lab and you need to find Dr. Calvino’s workshop. A waypoint will direct you to the workshop.

Follow it but don’t rush as the area is crawling with mimics, instead use stealth to make your way through. There will be a map of the area in the security booth and download it and unlock the security locker.

Go to the locker and carry the turret and deploy it, the turret will more or less take care of them and you will be free to go.

The door ahead will be locked and January will suggest finding another way inside. make your to Demonstration Theater, as you enter a scene will play out, once done search the body to gain the key card.

Descend to the lowest level of seats and drop off the ledge to access a small crawlspace. to your right is the maintenance access panel, crawl through it and your path will be blocked by fire. Use the GLOO gun to put it out. At the end of the corridor search Randall Wood’s body.

There will be a high ledge use the GLOO gun to reach up. At the top, open another maintenance access panel to enter the Hardware Labs’ atrium.

Atrium – Finding Dr. Calvino’s Office

While up here, you need to go inside Thornstein’s Office. Travel to the side of the atrium above the security booth and you’ll see a note on the floor to your left. This note contains the password to the computer. Open the computer and read the emails.

Check the other computer in this room to get the passcode for Thornstein’s Office (1951). Now, enter the Office and grab the Jorgen Thornstein’s Cabin keycard from the corpse.

Get the neuromods from the briefcase on the floor and then look for a note on the side of Thornstein’s safe. This will give you a clue to the keycode. What you need to do is look for the elements on th periodic table, which were mentioned in the note. You’ll figure out the code, which is 9954.

Now, go to the damaged corridor which takes you to the Beams and Waves and you’ll find Dr. Calvino to your left, but unfortunately, he’ll be out in space.

Return to the first floor of Atrium and make your way to the Machine Shop. Use the GLOO gun to encase the junction to temporarily stop the arcs of electricity.

There will be a computer inside the booth to the left which you can use to start the conveyor belt. Doing this will drop down a body which will be holding a neuromod and some other loot.

You have to now get to the storage cage. You can simply move the barricades with your hands if you have Leverage 3. Otherwise, you can use an explosive canister to move it.

Inside here, there will be a bunch of loot being guarded by a corrupted operator, including a weapon upgrade kit fabrication plan, neuromod and a medkit.

Get on top of the cage by building a GLOO staircase. Get the loot from here; especially the artax propulsion system fabrication plan and the FlexiFoam bolts and then construct the artax system using the recycler and fabricator; and put it on your suit.

You have to now check the suit’s functionality. Do so by jumping to the platform in the center of the room. Get the EMP charges while there. Move forward and try to jump onto the roof of the storage room. Head inside and grab all the loot.

Airlock – Retrieving Dr. Calvino’s Keycard

Now it is time to spacewalk. Approach the airlock control panel and disengage the internal lock. When you’re ready for your spacewalk, interact with the large door leading to Talos I’s exterior.

Approach the airlock’s outer door. It opens automatically as you approach. As you get outside the waypoint to Dr. Calvino’s body will appear. Dr. Calvino’s body is located inside the decompressed Combustion Lab. Retrieve the key card.

Breach Access Side Quest

After getting the keycard look for the damaged breach failsafe on the nearby wall. You can repair it if you have the Repair II skill. Repairing it will give you access to the Beams and Waves Lab inside the Hardware Labs.

If you don’t have the spare parts then look around. Gaining access to the Beams and Waves lab is crucial, allowing you to retrieve the Q-Beam, a powerful energy weapon ideal for taking out Phantoms and more advanced threats.

Psychotronics Hull Breach – Establishing the Connection

There will be a hull breach near Jose Costa’s body, look for the breach and seal it using GLOO gun, this will open access to Material Storage in Psychotronics. This step is important if you want to complete Million Dollar Caulk Gun optional objective.

Follow the waypoint back to the Hardware Labs then head to the atrium and use the keycard to open the Dr. Calvino’s Workshop.

Descent into the workshop, interact with the console to restore power to Looking Glass. Now interact with the console in the middle of the workshop.

Choose Diagnose Network Servers to determine which server is disconnected and note the server name.

Then select Network Utilities tab and select the name of the server that is disconnected to reconnect it. As the connection is re-established you can now watch the video and for that, you will have to go back to Morgan’s office.

Coffee Break Side Quest

While in this office, you can get an achievement/trophy which is hard to spot. You have to put all the pieces together using the clues spread throughout the workshop.

The trophy is inside a secret stash. Read the “Custom Travel Mug email” email on the computer for some hints, and then use the Looking Glass to watch ‘Test.PHASE_2.lgv’. In it, you’ll see Dr. Calvino himself use the secret stash. To actually see what Calvino is doing, use the monitor to the right.

Get his Tumbler from on top of the red toolbox next to the staircase at the entrance. Put it on the tabletop scale near the Looking Glass Station and you’ll open the safe.

Inside the safe will be two neuromod, Lorenzo Calvino’s Cabin keycard and the ‘Coffee Break’ trophy.

The keycard won’t be of any use until ‘Gathering Echoes’. While in Crew Quarters, locate Dr. Calvino’s cabin inside Crew Cabin B and listen to the audio files on his computer. After that, disable the Looking Glass and you’ll find a safe behind the display.

Here, you’ll see a note from Calvino in front of the other computer. You’ll obtain the Calvino’s Safe keycode from his anniversary. Get three neuromods by breaking the display and then head back to the office.

Beams And Waves Lab – Firing Q-Beam

If you have repaired the breach failsafe in the Combustion Lab during the spacewalk then you can access the Beams and Waves Lab on the second floor.

Entering the lab will complete the objective and approach the Q-Beam console on the right.

Select “Fire Q-Beam” and see the weapon in action and select “Unlock Q-Beam” and enter the testing chamber to retrieve the weapon. This weapon requires Q-Beam cells to operate a few of them can be found in the lab.

The Blackbox Project Side Quest

Access Lane Carpenter’s workstation in Beams And Waves Lab and read the email about Blackbox Shipment.

According to the email, there is a problem pertaining to some Blackbox equipment in the G.U.T.S. and it never reached the Cargo bay. Also, security is unable to locate Lane’s coworker, Josh Dalton.

The phantom trapped inside the nearby Blackbox Project room is Lane Carpenter. Locate Dalton using the nearest Security Station, in the foyer. Josh Dalton is dead and his body is located in G.U.T.S. As you are on the second floor of the Atrium proceed to the room with a large table.

However, a Phantom will be there take it out and make your way to the Foyer. The Foyer might be patrolled by another Phantom so prepare for a fight or sneak past it and proceed directly to the Talos I Lobby.

Morgan’s Office – Watching the Entire Video

From the Hardware Labs cut through the Teleconferencing Center to the Executive Offices, but be careful of an unknown entity will be roaming.

Sneak through the Teleconferencing Center without being detected and enter Morgan’s Office. Once inside the office access the workstation and resume the video. This time there will be no interruption and you will watch the entire video.

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