Prey 2017 The Repo Man Walkthrough Guide – Find KASPAR, Investigate Dahl’s Command Shuttle, Meet Up With Alex, Dahl Ultimatum Side Quest

Prey 2017 The Repo Man Walkthrough Guide will help you with finding KASPAR and Alex so you can meet up with Alex and grab the second arming key so you can initiate the self-destruct protocol for Talos I. The Repo Man is an objective as KASPAR spawns in different location in every playthrough and that is where this guide comes in so you can meet up with Alex initiate the game’s finale.

Prey 2017 is a reboot of the Prey that launched back in 2006. Despite sharing the same name, the reboot has nothing in common with the original. However, before the rebooting the franchise, Prey 2 was also in the works, a sequel to the original Prey. However, Prey 2 was canceled by Bethesda for not being up to par with quality.

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Prey 2017 The Repo Man Walkthrough Guide

Morgan has scanned the Coral for Alex but the date transfer was corrupted by Command Walter Dahl. Alex, on the other hand, cannot come to Morgan because Dahl’s tech officer, KASPAR, is locking him out of the system. Now, Morgan needs to make his way to Dahl’s command shuttle where he can potentially find information about the tech officer.

Now everything has come down to just obtaining Alex’s arming key to initiate the self-destruct protocol of Talos I. However, obtaining the key is not going to be easy because of Dahl’s arrival that has caused Alex to go into hiding. Now, Morgan needs to find Dahl’s tech officer, KASPAR, and his location is unknown.

Shuttle Bay – Investigate Dahl’s Command Shuttle

Make your way to the Shuttle Bay and from the Foyer, you need to access Flight Control to extend the Jetway. You will notice Military Operators fighting Phantoms in this case they work to your advantage but do not be seen by them as they will attack you the moment they see you.

To get to the Flight Control you need to access the stairs leading above the Mechanic Storage cage and follow the adjoining catwalk toward the Grav Shaft providing access to Flight Control. Get into the Grav Shaft and ride it up to the next floor. Be careful of the Military Operators spawning here from the nearby Operator Dispenser.

The catwalk leading to the Flight Control has been damaged, so to get through you will need to take a running leap and use your propulsion system to glide toward the door. As you enter the Flight control be ready to take out two Military Operators with your Disruptor Stun Gun. Now access the workstation in the room to extend the Jetway to the command shuttle.

The Jetway to the command shuttle will extend and the shuttle can be used to escape Talos I but you will need to find a pilot. Now break the window of the Flight Control, leap out, open the shuttle door, and step inside. Make your way towards the cockpit and a terminal near the cockpit will give you access to Walter Dahl’s email and files.

Listen to the recording “Dahl’s Orders” and it will reveal the location of Kaspar. KASPAR’s location is determined randomly, appearing in the Neuromod Division, Hardware Labs, Psychotronics, or the Talos I’s exterior. Regardless of KASPAR’s location, return to the Talos I Lobby once you are finished exploring the Shuttle Bay.

Dahl Ultimatum Side Quest

After leaving the Shuttle Bay, Dahl will contact you and will trigger this optional objective. Dahl has cut-off oxygen to the Cargo Bay and if you do not hurry, Sarah Elazar and her officers will die. You have a total of 15 minutes to restore the oxygen flow to Cargo Bay and it can only be done from Oxygen Flow Control Room in Life Support. Access the main lift and ride it down to Life Support.

As you reach the Life Support, go straight to the Atmosphere Control and be prepared to encounter more Military Operators along the way and some phantoms too. Stay out of sight and let them fight. Get inside the Oxygen Flow Control Room. If the room is not unlocked, then you can enter through the window by the staircase or the maintenance access panel and adjoining duct.

Sneak into the room so that Dahl does not spot you and it is up to you to kill him or render him unconscious. Recover the keycard to the command shuttle’s cargo hold from Dahl. Turn to the Oxygen Control panel on the right and there will be a damaged Air Mixture Regulator on the floor. Repair it and install it in the Air Mixture Regulator Socket within the open Cargo Bay panel. Sarah will contact you and will tell you that Oxygen is flowing again and the optional objective will be complete.

KASPAR location is always random and can appear in Neuromod Division, Hardware Labs, Psychotronics, or the Talos I’s exterior. Therefore, once you have eliminated him, Alex will contact you and he will be ready to meet you in the Arboretum.

Arboretum – Meet Alex

As you meet Alex in the Arboretum this triggers game’s finale. Therefore, it is advised that you complete all optional objectives before you get to him. When ready go to Arboretum to meet Alex. Follow the waypoint to an area outside Alex’s office. Here you will find a switch to open a secret doorway on the wall. Interact with the switch to open up the way to Alex’s bunker and Alex has been hiding here ever since the breach happened. Listen to what Alex has to say.

He will give you his arming key but in return, he wants Morgan to hear him out. Just as Alex is about to hand over his Arming key a massive Typhon entity appears outside the station. As soon as it collides with the station, immediately zap Alex with your Disruptor Stun Gun and grab his body. Search his body for the arming key which will complete The Keys to the Kingdom objective and now you can initiate Talos I self-destruct protocol.

Save Alex Side Quest

As Alex is unconscious, you can save him by pulling him in his Bunker. Upon exiting the bunker, interact with the exterior lock to seal Alex inside. He eventually recovers and meets you on the Bridge.

That is all for our Prey 2017 The Repo Man Walkthrough Guide with tips on where to find KASPAR and Alex so Morgan can get the second arming key to initiate the self-destruct protocol of Talos I.

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