Prey 2017 The Keys to the Kingdom Walkthrough Guide – Confidential Records, Access Data Vault B

Prey 2017 The Keys to the Kingdom Walkthrough Guide will help you to get inside the Data Vaults so you can access Data Vault B in order to use the escape pod to escape Deep Storage. However, the way to the Data Vaults is not an easy one as you will encounter many threats along the way and that is where this guide comes in.

Prey 2017 is a reboot of the Prey that launched back in 2006. Despite sharing the same name, the reboot has nothing in common with the original. However, before the rebooting the franchise, Prey 2 was also in the works, a sequel to the original Prey. However, Prey 2 was canceled by Bethesda for not being up to par with quality.

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Prey 2017 The Keys to the Kingdom Walkthrough Guide

Now that you have the arming key fabrication plans, you can now construct a copy of the key that Alex destroyed. However, Morgan requires two keys to initiate the self-destruct protocol of Talos I and Alex has the second key and he might not be feeling the same way as Morgan does to the situation.

Now walk to the fabricator and create a duplicate of Morgan’s arming key that Alex destroyed. As you download the plans for the arming key, Danielle Sho contacts Morgan. She would suggest you exit the Deep Storage through one of the data vault modules. Danielle has already used one and there is a second one you can use to access through the station’s exterior.

Now, access the Danielle Sho’s workstation and unlock Data Vault B from Utilities Tab. There is also a note on the back of Danielle’s workstation, a key code for the Deep Storage safe.

Confidential Records – Get to the Data Vault B

Exit the command center and make your way to Confidential Records that is located near Ivy Song’s work area. However, the door will be locked and you are required to have Hacking IV ability to unlock it but there is another way in through the roof. The top of the Confidential Records is not sealed, so use the GLOO gun to get up the room and drop in from the ceiling.

Now the door to the Data Vaults will be blocked by a large tape drive and you will need to have Leverage III ability to be able to remove it. If you do not have the ability or just want a stealthier way in then you can enter Data Vault from above. Use your GLOO gun and cross the catwalk toward the command center. Fire a GLOO deposit to the side of the command center’s door and climb atop of it then jump toward a platform just above the catwalk.

From the platform, make your way to a narrow walkway above the data vault’s entrance. You will find horizontal vents outside the data vaults. Create a ramp using your GLOO gun to reach the ledge above the vents. This will allow you to cross the white, tubular duct running above the Data Vaults. Use the GLOO gun on the malfunctioning electrical junction.

As you reach above the Data vault, use your Psychoscope to scan for threats. In the room, there will be a Weaver, a Phantom and a few Cystoid Nests. Eliminate them whichever way you like and drop down into the Data Vaults. The room is still hazardous even after eliminating the Typhon. There is a malfunctioning junction in the room spewing arcs of electricity and there will be fire. Put out the fire using your GLOO gun.

Now enter the door leading to Data Vault B and pass through two doors and you will reach the actual data vault. The data vaults act as escape pods for the station’s research data. Danielle Sho has already escaped using the pod in Data Vault A. Open up the maintenance access panel to the right of the vault and press the white button to release the escape pod but the Pod will jolt and will render Morgan unconscious.

As you wake up, exit the data vault by pressing the white button next to the door. As you exit, Sarah Elazar will contact you and will suggest Morgan gets to the Cargo Bay as there is an opening there to gain access to the station and the station is under complete lockdown and all airlocks are sealed including those which you have unlocked along the way. Now it is time to get to the Cargo Bay.

That is all for our Prey 2017 The Keys to the Kingdom Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to get to Data Vault B to escape the Deep Storage!

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