Prey 2017 Speak with January Walkthrough Guide – General Access Key Objective, Accessing Deep Storage

Prey 2017 Speak with January Walkthrough Guide will help you through with “Speak with January” objective and completing the General Access Key optional objective. This mission is very simple one, all you have to do is speak with January when you are done watching video after which you realize that you have to destroy Talos I.

Prey 2017 is a horror survival game developed by Arkane Studios and is a reboot of the 2006’s Prey. Despite sharing the same name, Prey 2017 has nothing in common with the original as the developers reinvented the franchise by introducing horror-survival elements.

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Prey 2017 Speak with January Walkthrough Guide

Speaking with January

After you have finished watching the video at the end of Through a Glass Darkly mission, January will emerge from the Operator dispenser in Morgan’s office. January is carrying lost memories and knowledge of Morgan and will also help you to destroy Talos I. January will tell you that Talos I’s self-destructing protocol can only be activated two arming keys and to your surprise, Alex has one and you have the second one.

However, Alex had destroyed your key but Morgan created a fabrication plan for a replacement which is located in Deep Storage. January will suggest you to using the station’s main lift to access Deep Storage and will also give you the keycard to access the lift. Grab the keycard to complete the General Access Key optional objective. January will also provide you with a Neuromod and will another side quest will be triggered. Take the Neuromod to complete the objective and exit the Morgan’s office.

Deep Storage – Accessing the Area

Now you need to grab the fabrication plan for the Arming Key from the Deep Storage. make your way to the main lift on the first floor of the Talos I lobby. Interact with the panel to call the lift and January will tell you that there is something that is not letting the lift from descending and is stuck at the top. January will tell you the alternative route through the Psychotronics lab.

That is all for our Prey 2017 Speak with January Walkthrough Guide with tips on Speak with January objective and General Access Key optional quest!

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