Prey 2017 Side Missions Guide – Locations, How to Complete, Rewards

Prey 2017 Side Missions Guide to help you complete all available side-quests in Prey reboot. During the course of your journey through the Talon I Space Station, you will come across several optional objectives. While you can totally ignore these Prey 2017 side-quests and continue with the Main Missions, I do not recommend doing so. These optional missions not only reward you with several rewards for completing them but also carry details about the game’s world that you would otherwise miss.

Prey 2017 revolves around Morgan Yu in the moon-orbiting space station called Talos I that houses a research into a hostile alien collective called the Typhon. Eventually, the Typhon escapes confinement and you are to escape the Talos I while dealing with the aliens using a number of weapons and abilities. The entire Talos I is an open-world to the players with progression requiring key items, codes, and other things.

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Prey 2017 Side Missions Guide

In our Prey 2017 Side Missions Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing all available side-quests in Bethesda’s Prey reboot. Do note that we are in the process of updating the guide so please bear with us!

Prey 2017 Side Missions

Everything you know is about to Change
Location: Neuromod Division, Foyer
Speak to January to learn about an array of Neuromods. Once done, deal with the Mimics in the area and proceed towards the display case with a skull on it. Now all you need to do is to break the display case and collect the items inside. Neuromods allow you to unlock additional skills to become better in combat and gain other utility benefits. I recommend you check out our Prey 2017 Neuromods Guide attached above for more information!

Stolen Neuromods
Location: Talos 1 Lobby, Security Holding Area
In order to enter the area, you either need the Security Office Keycard in I.T. Security or crawl through a vent directly above the door. Once inside, find a note that has the code to the Holding Cell. To do so, get rid of the Mimic and read the note followed by heading to Kimura’s office in the Sales Area of the Lobby. Do note that you will need a few things to make it to the Sales Area.

Once there, catch Kimura’s phantom form by surprise while keeping a close eye on the Mimics nearby. After done, check Kimura’s office to get four Neuromods under her desk and check her computer for some additional information. Lastly, while you are there, head inside Randolph’s back offices to find a Huntress Boltcaster.

Do No Harm
You need to head to the Trauma Center and enter the office of Mathias Kohl. Once inside, start the ‘Behavioral Test’ on the computer and answer in this order: A, C, B, A, C. After you are done, progress through the story until you access the Arboretum and acquire the ‘Lift Interference’ optional objective. At this point, follow the marker to the office of Hendrick DeVries and defeat a Technopath in the area. Now search the area to find a keycard and complete the mission.

Mikhaila’s Father
After saving Mikhaila, have her see you in your office and speak with her as soon as Dahl arrives. After the conversation, head to the Deep Storage, Volunteer Archive Terminal and receive a call about data. Regardless of your choice, you will complete the optional objective.

Zero G Propulsion System
Enter the Beams and Waves Lab, Hardware Labs to receive a call from January about upgrading your suit. In order to do this, head over to the Machine Shop and access the 2nd floor. Once you are done, reach the nearby platform – marked on your map – to complete the optional objective.

Breach Access
In order to complete this optional objective, you need a few Spare Parts and Repair Level 1 skill. With these things at your disposal, proceed through the story until you are asked to find a keycard near a spacewalk. While you are on it, locate a breach in the area – near Dr. Calvino – and repair it. Once done, the optional objective will automatically complete.

The Blackbox Project
For this optional side-quest, you need to complete the Breach Access. Once you are done with it, enter the Beams and Waves Lab to activate a terminal and receive the optional objective. Firstly, check the Hardware Labs Staff for Josh Dalton followed by heading to the G.U.T.S. to find him behind some large pipelines. From there, access the Black Lab, Hardware Labs and collect the file from the workstation.

The Psychotronics Prisoner
You need to enter the Psychotronics and proceed to the Material Extraction zone to find someone trapped inside. There are two choices here at play: you can either let the entity live to acquire a code or extract some Exotic Materials. The code that you receive is 8714.

You need to head to the third level of the Psychotronics, enter the office of Annalise Gallegos, and listen to the recordings. Now head to the Security Terminal, Crew Quarters and listen to the Surveillance Reports. From there, head to the Habitation Pods and listen to another recording. Now progress through the game until you reach the Cargo Bay B, G.U.T.S. Cargo zone and acquire the drive from the container #3232.

The Cook’s Request
You need to head to the Cafeteria, Crew Quarters and speak to the cook to acquire a keycard. Now head to the area marked on your map and retrieve the medal for the cook. After returning the medal to the man, fix a small regulator to complete the optional objective.

Treasure Hunt
Enter the Fitness Center gymnasium and access the workstation to acquire the optional objective. Completing this side-quest requires you to find four map fragments in the game.

Danielle Sho
During the Cook’s Request, progress until you find Sho’s partner and listen to the nearby recording. Now escape the area and progress through the game until you successfully unlock the entire Talos 1. Once done, check your e-mails and enter the Security Station, Volunteer Quarters. Since V-010655037 is on the bridge, head up and towards the Escape Pods to complete the optional side-quest.

The Lovers Gift
You need to head to the Crew Habitation Pods, find the pod of Lawrence Baker, and listen to the recording. Once done, head to the Arboretum; find a large tree with some initials carved into it. The base of the tree has a keycard that you need in order to complete the optional mission.

Dr. Igwe
While tasked to reach the Cargo Bay, receive a message from Dr. Igwe who is inside a container. From there, head to the Docking Terminal, Cargo Bay and find the container. The reason I cannot tell you about the container is that it is different for every player.

Gustav Leitner
After rescuing Dr. Igwe, speak to him in your office and head inside his office in the Crew Quarters. Once inside, play the Leitner Music Sample inside to reveal a secret safe. Now collect the item inside the safe to complete the optional side-quest.

Shuttle Advent
You must make a choice in this optional mission. First, head over to the Captain’s Loft, Talos 1 Bridge and listen to the recording near the captain’s body. Once done, make the decision in order to complete the mission.

Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin
After speaking to Mikhaila Ilyushin in the ‘Coolant Chamber, Power Plant’ progress through the story until you manage to lift the lockdown. Once done, speak to her again and return her medicine from Talos 1 Exterior. The optional mission concludes after she comes to your office to speak to you.

Drunk Tank
This simple optional mission requires you enter the Air Filtration Control, Life Support and listen to a recording located near the workstation.

Psychic Water
To start this side-quest, read a note near the Water Treatment Facility workstation. From there, head to the Security Station on the first level and open a hatch on the opposite end of the door to find the body the Tobias. Once there, collect the item and proceed to the marked area on your map to complete it.

Missing Engineer
To start the optional side-quest, access the workstation found in Security Office, Life Support. From there, enter the B3 Area, Power Plant and towards the Maintenance Lift. In this area, you will find the body of Jean Faure along with her keycard. With the keycard at your disposal, enter the Atmosphere Control Room to complete the side-quest.

The Golden Gun
To start the mission, head to the Escape Pods, Shuttle Bay and listen to a recording on a corpse. Once done, head to the Crew Quarters and collect the weapon to complete the optional mission.

Derelict Shuttle
You need to head to the Pilot Lounge to listen to a recording found on a corpse. Once done, exit to the area outside and investigate the ship with Coral emerging out of it to complete the mission.

Escape Attempt
You need to head to the Escape Pods, Shuttle Bay to acquire this side-quest. Once done, head to the Talos 1 Exterior to follow the objective marker and free the blockage, preventing the hatch from opening. From there, head back to the Escape Pods, Shuttle Bay to activate a switch and complete the side-quest.

Dahl’s Ultimatum
While exploring Dahl’s ship, receive this optional side-quest and enter the Oxygen Flow Control, Life Support. In order to turn on the life support to Cargo Bay, acquire one from Power Plant and place it in the Cargo Bay to complete the mission.

Disgruntled Employee
You need to head to the Arboretum and listen to a recording near a corpse, right next to the Recycler. Once done, progress through the story until you reach the Security Terminal, Deep Storage. Now search for Crew, Cargo Bay, and Grant Lockwood followed by following the marker to complete the optional side-quest.

Lift Interference
While exploring the Arboretum, you will receive a call from January and learn about elevator blockage. Once done, head to the marked area on your map and defeat the Technopath to complete the objective.

Save Rani
To start the mission, you need to read a note lying directly outside the Greenhouse. Once done, head inside the Greenhouse to kill the Typhon and free all three humans from the mind-control using the Mindjack Neuromod Skill. Do note that you must protect all the humans to complete the side-quest.

Talos Smuggling Ring
This is a simple side-quest. You can refer to our Smuggler’s Dead Drops Locations Guide to learn all about it!

Mixed Signals
To complete the mission, you need to enter the Machine Shop, Hardware Labs and towards the Moon Door terminal. Once there, complete the repair to acquire the Communication Device and find the satellite outside in order to attach the Communication Device. This should complete the mission.

Gardening Tips
You need to head over to the Looking Glass Station, Arboretum and continue to the end of the room. Now use your GLOO Cannon to build a path up and find the Growth Formula on a corpse. From there, head to a Fabrication Station to create the formula and return to the Arboretum in order to use the sprinkling system. You need to grow the complete fruit to complete the optional side-quest.

Ghosting Dahl
As soon as you see that the Coral Scans upload has been interrupted, proceed to the Command Center, Deep Storage to interact with the workstation in there and use the 0913 as keycode to complete the side-quest.

Incapacitate Dahl
After the interruption of the Coral Scans, speak to Dayo Igwe in your office. Once done, progress through the story until the Dahl Ultimatum and proceed to the Air Filtration Control Panel, Life Support. From there, meet with Dr. Igwe in the Neuromod Division to complete the side-quest.

Help Luther Glass
After the interruption of the Coral Scans, head over to the Trauma Center, Talos 1 Lobby and defeat all the enemies in there to complete the mission.

Save Alex
While trying to receive the Arming Key of Alex, make sure to drag Alex’s body to the safe zone directly behind you. Once the body is in there, continue ahead to complete the mission.

This is all we have in our Prey 2017 Side Missions Guide. Let us know if you have anything else to add to the guide!

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