Prey 2017 Recycling Guide – How To Recycle Junk, Useful Tips

Prey 2017 Recycling Guide will help players by listing some essential tips to keep in mind when recycling and the benefits of doing it.

Prey 2017 Recycling Guide will help players by listing some essential tips to keep in mind when recycling and the benefits of doing it, especially when it comes to inventory management and crafting.

Instead of selling items to vendors, Prey 2017 utilizes a recycling system that allows players to convert their junk items into useful materials. Prey 2017 recycling requires the use of a Recycler, a big machine which can be found in pretty much every area of Talos-1 including Morgan’s office.

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Prey 2017 Recycling Guide

As mentioned earlier, recycling requires the use of Recycler machines, which turn unwanted junk and other items into useful materials such as minerals, and synthetic items that can be used for crafting. Since crafting requires many items, players will need to utilize this feature to gather enough materials for the Fabricators.

Another good benefit of Prey 2017 Recycling is that the recycled minerals do not take up inventory space so it can good to clear up some slots in the limited inventory.

To start recycling, players need to approach the bin to the left of the Recycler, select the items they want to recycle and then approach the console to begin the process. The processed materials will appear in the right bin that players can pick up. To increase the amount of materials gained after recycling, players can learn the Materials Expert skill to increase the yield by 20%.


Recyclable Items

Players can even recycle parts and items gained from enemies in the game. Below is a list of some of the items that should be recycled as soon as possible to gain useful resources:

  • Biohazard Waste
  • Mimic Tumor
  • Typhon Cortex
  • Typhon Ganglion
  • Typhon Organ
  • Typhon Plasma

Recycling these organs and tissues is essential to crafting Neuromods which allow players to learn new abilities.

Besides the above items, there are numerous other junk items in the game which players can find pretty much everywhere and recycling them gives other useful crafting materials such as minerals.

  • Agave Plant Clippings
  • Asteroid Fragment
  • Burnt Circuit Board
  • Caladium Plant Stems
  • Compost
  • Corroded Coil
  • Test Tube
  • Tulip Flower

However this isn’t the entire list of junk items in the game so players simply have to keep an eye out for any item they find and if they don’t have any use for it, it is best to just recycle it. For some of these items, especially some rare ones, it might even be a good idea to hold on to them until players have a stack so they can duplicate them infinitely.

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