Prey 2017 Reboot Walkthrough Guide – Entering the Power Plant, Clearing the Coolant Chamber, Rebooting the Reactor

Prey 2017 Reboot Mission Guide to help you learn all you need to know about finding the Plant, clearing the Coolant Chamber, and rebooting the Reactor.

Prey 2017 Reboot Mission Walkthrough Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about accessing the Power Plant, clearing the Coolant Chamber, and rebooting the Reactor. During the course of your journey, you will come across several keycards, e-mails, loot, and more. Do note that in this walkthrough, we have not detailed the location of every item out there and have stuck to getting you to reactor.

Reboot mission in Prey 2017 basically revolves around using Alex’s Arming Key in order to destroy the Talos 1 Space Station. To get rid of the lockdown that Alex has placed on the main lift and airlocks, you must reboot the station reactor. This will allow you to move about the station without any issues.

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Prey 2017 Reboot Mission Walkthrough Guide

In our Prey 2017 Reboot Mission Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about getting to the reactor in the game.

Prey 2017 Reboot Mission Walkthrough

Before heading to the Power Plant and accessing the Grav Shaft, explore the area a little. Break the window and collect the items inside the Service Requests booth. Read the e-mail in the Supply Depot workstation. Now collect the items inside the Medical Bay but be wary of a Cystoid Nest in the area.

Prey 2017 Reboot Mission – Main Lift Access – How to Find

Proceed to the hallway and loot everything in the area. The code in the note opens the safe in the nearby Security Booth. Now break the GLOO to access the restroom and loot the body of Alton Weber. Open the nearby gate to acquire a keycard and head towards the Maintenance Access Panel to acquire a new optional objective from the TranScribe.


Head to the Security Booth and loot everything inside along with e-mails. You can also explore the Atmosphere Control from the Decontamination Chamber. After exploring the area, exit the Grav Shaft and head towards the Water Treatment Facility. You can open the unpowered door with the Leverage Level 3 skill or using the catwalk on the right-hand side.

Once you are up, eliminate the Technopath to remove corruption from the Power Plant door and explore the Water Treatment Facility. It is a good idea to activate the power in the area for easier entry/exit. Head towards the Water Processing Chamber near the Grav Shaft and deal with the Voltaic Phantom from above followed by entering the chamber.

Prey 2017 Reboot Mission – Entering Power Plant

With Technopath defeated, head inside Power Plant. Once inside, deal with Cystoid Nests and use the Hacking Level 2 Skill to access the Security Station. If you do not have the skill, use the duct beyond the Maintenance Access Panel. After arriving in the corridor, deal with a Greater Mimic, repair the Grounding Resistor near Lan Nguyen and install it in the exposed panel near the Engineering Offices to restore the power.

Prey 2017 Reboot Mission – Electrified Monitoring Room

Before heading inside, use GLOO to create an insulated layer for you to stand on. Once done, conduct the repairs to stop the sparks and access Mendez’s workstation. There is also a Poltergeist in the area in addition to electrified water in the middle of the room. Use the Poltergeist’s Life Field attack to get to the other side and deal with the enemies there. Once done, check e-mails, find Audio Log Recordings, and proceed to the Coolant Chamber.

Clearing the Coolant Chamber and Accessing Coolant Monitoring Station

Immediately after entering the Coolant Chamber, get ready to greet many enemies. Luckily, there are a couple of turrets in the area to help you. I recommend staying on the upper level to make things a little easier. Once done, head over to the door with fire all around it and use the GLOO to loot the body of Talia Brooks. Now open the Coolant Chamber door and deal with the Phantom ahead.

Once done, speak to Mikhaila, loot all the items, and hack Lan Nguyen’s workstation. Now break the GLOO and access the reactor. From there, descend towards the disabled life in the maintenance shaft and loot the body of Nicholas Stillwater. Before heading towards the Reactor Control Room, try to explore the area a little. There are damaged Recycler and Fabricator in the area that you can repair.

Prey 2017 Reboot Mission – Rebooting the Reactor

Now head inside the Control Room, collect the items, and access the Reactor Console to select the Access Safety Switches button. In order to reboot the reactor, you need to activate the safety switches in a particular order i.e. Magnetosphere, Substation Power Grid, Photovoltaic Rings, Gravity, Life Support, and Main Reactor. Once done, select Initiate Reboot.

At this point, you need to get the Divertor from the Secure Storage Room and enter the reactor. Locate the damage Divertor, remove it followed by returning to the Control Room, and select the Resume Reboot from the console. This should allow you to complete the objective.

This is all we have in our Prey 2017 Reboot Mission Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if you have something to add!

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