Prey 2017 Perdition Walkthrough Guide – Prime The Reactor, Install The Nullwave Device, Endings

Prey 2017 Perdition Walkthrough Guide will guide you through the game’s finale so you can make a decision you want as the game has multiple endings. As the game’s end gets near you will have to make a critical choice that will decide the fate of the Talos I and all the people aboard it.

Prey 2017 is a reboot of the Prey that launched back in 2006. Despite sharing the same name, the reboot has nothing in common with the original. However, before the rebooting the franchise, Prey 2 was also in the works, a sequel to the original Prey. However, Prey 2 was canceled by Bethesda for not being up to par with quality.

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Prey 2017 Perdition Walkthrough Guide

This is Prey 2017’s finale as Morgan has both arming keys all he has to do is use both keys ti initiate the self-destruct protocol of Talos I. But first Morgan has to prime the reactor for self-destructing in the Power Plant.

Now, due to the breach in the dome, the Arboretum is now a microgravity environment. You will have to make use of your propulsion system to move ahead and need to avoid touching Apex Tendrils as they will damage Morgan.

Prey 2017 has multiple endings depending on your choice. As Morgan has both arming keys and plans to the prototype Nullwave Device, you will have to make a choice over here, WEIther use the keys and destroy Talos I along with all Typhons and research or use the Nullwave Device and kill the Typhon while preserving Talos I and all of TranStar’s research. If you can’t decide which ending to go for then make preparations for both and decide once you get to the bridge.

Psychotronics – Install The Nullwave Device

Go to Psychotronics through Talos I lobby Along the way, stop by Hans Kelstrup’s office, in the Atrium, and use the Fabricator to create the Prototype Nullwave Device. After that, a waypoint will appear on your HUD leading Morgan to the heart of the Coral, located in the massive containment chamber.

You can enter the containment chamber through a hatch near the entrance to the G.U.T.S. Access Containment via the Atrium. Get to the chamber through the entrance by passing through Live Exam. However, be prepared for Typhon enemies along the way, including a Voltaic Phantom, a Weaver, and a few Mimics.

Enter the micro-gravity environment and male your way toward the spherical object in the center of the chamber and install the Nullwave Device. After installing the device exit the chamber and enter the G.U.T.S and head towards the Cargo Bay.From there, you can access Life Support and proceed to the Power Plant.

Power Plant – Prime The Reactor For Self-Destruction

In the reactor room, if you have not dealt with them already you will face two turret-wielding Technopaths. Stay low and avoid detection and make your way to the ground floor. The waypoint will lead you to a maintenance access panel on the floor in front of the control room. Open the panel and push the button inside and a hatch will open nearby which will give you access to the self-destruct consoles in the reactor chamber.

Interact with the console and insert Morgan’s arming key on the left and Alex’s arming key on the right. Once they are inserted turn them to arm the self-destruct mechanism. However, you need to make the actual decision at the bridge. So backtrack through the Power Plant and Life Support to reach the main lift, then ride it to the Arboretum. From the Arboretum, access the Grav Shaft that will lead you to the Bridge.

Talos I Bridge – Make A Choice

Enter the bridge and look around if you like and make your way to the Grav Shaft and enter the Command Deck. Now if you saves Alex then he will be standing at the entrance of the Command Deck and will urge Morgan to use the Nullwave Device to stop the Typhon.

If you did not save Alex then you will find January here urging you to destroy Talos I. However, you can make the decision later.

Ending – Activate Nullwave Device

If you chose to eliminate Typhon using the Nullwave Device then interact with the console on the Command Deck, next to Alex or January. If January is present, it will not let you activate the Nullwave device and you will have to destroy January in order to activate it. Alex will be happy with this decision.

Activating the device will trigger a powerful Nullwave pulse within the heart of the Coral. This will eliminate all Typhon organisms along with Apex Typhon and Talos I will remain intact.

Ending – Self-Destruct Talos I

If you chose to destroy Talos I then access the command console in the Captain’s Loft to trigger the self-destruct sequence. Triggering the self-destruct sequence will give you 8 minute time to escape. As you return downstairs, Alex will be disappointed and decides to stay put and Morgan can’t force him. Here you will have to make a decision, either escape the station or stay aboard.

If you choose to escape then there are two ways of escaping, either escape through Alex’s pod or escape through Dahl’s Command Shuttle.

Escape Through Alex’s Pod

Alex’s escape pod, located atop his office in the Arboretum and offers the quickest way off the station. You can access the pod if you retrieved the EP101 keycard from Alex’s suite in Crew Quarters. Simply get to the escape pod and vacate Talos I before the station explodes.

Escape Through Dahl’s Command Shuttle

After you activate the self-destruct protocol, Dahl will contact you and his shuttle is ready to evacuate the station. The shuttle will leave 50 seconds before the station explodes. So make your way to Arboretum to the main lift and take it down to the Talos I Lobby. From the lobby go straight to Shuttle Bay and be careful of the two Voltaic Phantoms and some Mimics near the command shuttle jetway. Fight your way through them and enter the command shuttle.

You will find Aaron Ingram, Sarah Elazar, Dr. Igwe, and Mikhaila Ilyushin in the shuttle if you were able to save them. When ready go to the cockpit the command shuttle will leave before Talos I explodes.

That is all for our Prey 2017 Perdition Walkthrough Guide with tips on both endings and their consequences.

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