Prey 2017 Inventory Space Guide – How To Expand Inventory Storage Limit

This Prey 2017 Inventory Space Guide comes in as it will help players to increase their inventory storage space so players can have more slots than the normal 45 they start the game with. If players are going to be using the Recycler to duplicate crafting materials, inventory upgrades are highly necessary.

As players journey through Talos-1 in Prey 2017, slowly they will amass a lot of items in their inventory, whether it is junk, crafting materials or weapons and ammo. Since Morgan has limited pockets in the TranStar suit, over time the inventory space will definitely reach its limit.

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Prey 2017 Inventory Space

To expand their inventory, it is essential that players take their time exploring the game and picking up every Neuromod they can find since these are crucial to increase Inventory space. Once players have a few Neuromods, they need to head to the Engineer skill tree and start investing some points in there.

To expand the Prey 2017 Inventory space, players first must learn Repair 1 skill which can then be followed by Suit Modification 1 which upgrades their TranStar suit for a bigger inventory. Upgrading the suit not only allows players to carry more items but also enables use of more chipsets so these upgrades are highly recommended.

After Suit Modification 1, players can continue to expand their inventory size by learning Suit Modification 2 and Suit Modification 3 provided they have enough Neuromods. The first upgrade expands the inventory to 60 slots, second to 77 and the final upgrade to 96 slots. Players will need a total of 13 Neuromods to unlock all Suit upgrades and get the maximum inventory size.

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