Prey 2017 Gathering Echoes Walkthrough Guide – Danielle Sho’s Voice Sample Locations, Importer Chef

Prey 2017 Gathering Echoes Walkthrough will help you with finding all Danielle Sho’s Voice Samples so you can access the Deep Storage. Finding these voice samples is not so easy as you will have to search multiple areas to get one sample of Danielle Sho’s Voice and that is where this guide comes in to help you navigate exactly where you can find the samples.

Prey 2017 is a reboot of the Prey which launched back in 2006. Despite sharing the same name the reboot has nothing in common with the original. However, before the rebooting the franchise, Prey 2 was also in the works, a sequel to the original Prey. However, Prey 2 was canceled by Bethesda for not being up to par with quality.

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Prey 2017 Gathering Echoes Walkthrough Guide

Margan needs to obtain his Arming Key fabrication plans from Deep Storage, for which he took a long Detour to Deep Storage in Deep Storage mission only to find out that the door to this place is locked biometrically lock keyed to Danielle Sho’s voice and Morgan now needs to find sample of her voice to open the door.

Looking Glass – Finding Danielle Sho’s Voice Sample In Crew Quarters

Now it is time to collect the voice samples. so exit Deep Storage through the Grav Shaft and locate Looking Glass station nearby. Dr. Julien Howard on the roof of the station. Break the Looking Glass to reveal the shaft, and be careful of the mimics dropping down from this shaft. get rid of the mimics and enter the shaft. Use your GLOO Cannon to create climbable deposits.

You ned to get to the Crew Quarters to look for Danielle Sho’s voice sample. You will have to go through Alex’s office. While still atop the roof of the Looking Glass station, pull yourself onto the ledge and look for a damaged electrical junction spewing arcs of electricity. Use your GLOO Cannon to temporarily smother the arcs. Continue along this path and you will eventually find yourself outside Alex’s Office.

Look into the office if you like and make your way to the Crew Quarters through G.U.T.S. Loading Bay. There will be a dead body in front of the Crew Quarters’ door search it and enter the door leading to Crew Quarters. As you enter the Crew Quarters get into the crouch position immediately as several mind-controlled crew members are wandering around and you don’t need to get spotted. Equip your Disruptor Stun Gun and attempt to incapacitate these crew members as you sneak your way through.

Cross the foyer to the enter the Recreation Center. This is two-floor facility was used as a gathering area for Talos I crew members. Now here you will face a new type of Typhon known as Poltergeist. It is an invisible enemy that only appears while using its ability, however, it can be taken down by a few shots of your silenced pistol. Once you have taken care of the Poltergeist, ascend the recreation center’s staircase to reach the second floor.

Watch out for the mimics that will be hiding here. Retrieve Elias Black’s TranScribe to listen to a recording of a game session, this very recording has the voice sample of Danielle Sho which will increase the processing to 20% but still you need to find more to open the door. Grab the key card to Abigail Foy’s cabin as well because it is crucial to the progress. Now return to the Foyer but the first-floor entry will be blocked so you will have to jump over the mezzanine railing then use your propulsion system to slow your descent.

Crew Cabins B – Locating Voice Sample In Danielle Sho’s Cabin

Cross the Foyer and enter Crew Cabins B. However, there will be another Phantom here, take care of it and enter Danielle Sho’s Cabin. But, you will have to look a bit as there are other cabins in this area. Danielle Sho’s Cabin will be pried open as you reach it, enter it and access Danielle’s workstation. In the Files tab, download the conversation archive to access an audio recording of Danielle talking to Abigail. This recording gets you one step closer to your objective.

Now, there will be a broken Transcribe right next to the bed. Fix the TranScribe to retrieve two audio recordings, each featuring Danielle’s voice. Just listen to both recordings to get Danielle Sho’s voice samples.

Now you need to visit Abigail Foy’s cabin which is direct across the hall from Danielle Sho’s cabin. Enter the cabin using the keycard you acquired in the Recreation Center. Crawl under Foy’s desk to retrieve a note containing her password. Use this password to access the workstation. You will find a voice recording in the Files tab, listen to “Get Out” to retrieve another sample of Danielle’s voice.

Crew Habitation Pods – Retrieve “I Can Read Sheet Music” Recording

Enter the Crew Habitation Pods and you will face another Poltergeist here. Deal with it and look around if you like. Look for Skye Braxton’s pod which is located next to Annalise Gallegos’ pod. Get the transcribe here to find another recording “I Can Read Sheet Music” containing another Danielle Sho’s voice sample.

Crew Cabins A – Danielle Sho’s Voice Sample In Will Mitchell’s Cabin

Now, get back to the Crew Quarters Foyer and enter the Cafeteria. Here you will find more mind-controlled enemies, instead of killing them find the Telepath and get rid of it. Once the area is clear, Will Mitchell will give you a keycard to his cabin in Crew Cabins A. Now, enter Crew Cabins A and Will Mitchell’s cabin is located at the end of this corridor, however, there are other cabins you can snoop around if you like. Will Mitchell’s cabin is direct across from the restroom.

Open the cabin using the key card and grab the transcribe on the desk to retrieve “Operator Skillet” recording containing Danielle Sho’s voice sample. At this point, you only need one more voice sample to enter the Deep Storage. Also, grab the Will Mitchell’s Macon Noble Chef award from the cabin and get back to Cafeteria and Will Mitchell will let you in. Hop over the counter in the cafeteria and enter the adjoining doorway to access this small room. You will notice that there are massive blood stains coating the floors and walls and obviously something is not right about the Chef.

The door to the kitchen will be locked and the Chef will pen it up for you. In the Kitchen fix the broken water pressure regulator. After, that Will Mitchell will give you access to the freezer where you will find the next voice sample.

Freezer – Locate The Final Voice Sample

Before you enter the Freezer take out your Disruptor Stun Gun and incapacitate Will Mitchell as he is an imposter and will lock the Freezer as you enter and will taunt you the entire game and will set up booby traps for you. So, basically, it is better to stop all that in the kitchen. Search the last storage room in the freezer to find the body of Abigail Foy. Retrieve a TranScribe from the body and play “Bang on the Window” recording to get the final voice sample. Now it is time to return to Deep Storage.

That is all for our Prey 2017 Gathering Echoes Walkthrough Guide with tips on where to find all Danielle Sho’s Voice Sample across Talos I so you can gain access to Deep Storage to get the fabrication plans for the arming key.

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