Prey 2017 Endings Guide

This Prey 2017 Endings Guide will help you everything that you need to know in order to achieve multiple endings; the various fates of Talos I, its crew, and of course, your own character.

If you have yet to complete the game, I recommend that you stop reading now because of potential spoilers. When it comes to endings, you have the option to get 3 different conclusions for your Prey story campaign.

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Prey 2017 Endings

Who Is December? > Escape TALOS 1

Reach back to Alex’s office which is in the middle of the Arboretum. There are two ways to reach the escape pod.

  • If you have Hacking 4, you can use Alex’s computer to lower down the bridge from the escape pod to the roof of Alex’s office.
  • You can use your GLOO gun. Climb to the top of the roof, and look for the wooden shelter sort of things. Get to the roof of these of wooden shelter and turn towards the escape pod. Use your GLOO cannon to give yourself footholds along the metal girders.

Once you reach the escape pod, use EP01 keycard which you found in Alex’s room to enter. Rotate and then push the button in order to close the door. Later you can interact with the computer screen to launch the escape pod. Doing this will get you the Abandon Ship Trophy

A Mind without Limits

As you, meaning Morgan, designed a supercharged Nullwave prototype which is able to knock all the typhons in Talos 1. Building, allocating and triggering this will bring you to the end of the game.

Firstly, acquire the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter fabrication plan from Alex and witness the Typhon attack.

At this point, make sure to avoid hitting the Apex Tendrils and proceed towards Psychotronics – via Talos 1 Lobby. From the G.U.T.S., open up a hatch to head inside the Containment Chamber.

You need to proceed to the area from the Live Exam, but be wary of multiple enemies in the area.

From the micro-gravity section, proceed towards the middle of the Coral and insert the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter. Once done, head towards the Command Deck on the Talos I Bridge to meet Alex – since we did not kill him earlier.

Anyway, continue towards the console in the area. Do not let January prevent you from doing what is necessary and activate the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter.

Listen to January and Alex. January has the console locked down, so if you really want to do this ending, you need to destroy January and after doing this you will earn the “Suicide by Proxy” achievement/trophy.

This should allow you to get rid of Typhon on Talos 1 Space Station, but there is another way of doing things.


This ending involves usage of two Arming Keys

  • the one you manufactured
  • other which you got from Alex

The reason you need them is to trigger the self-destruct sequence. Since it involves destruction and blowing up of things, this is considered as a bad ending

In order to get this ending, shoot Alex to acquire the Arming Key and everything else on him. Like the other ending, you MUST avoid the Apex Tendrils since they deal a ton of damage. Once done, head towards the Power Plant from G.U.T.S. and defeat the enemies inside.

Head to the ground floor and proceed towards a panel marked on your map. This panel should allow you to open up a hatch, leading you to a console.

Open up the console to insert both the Arming Keys and turn them.

Now head to Talos 1 Bridge and towards the Captain’s Loft to activate the self-destruction sequence. At this point, you can stay with Alex – if you saved him – and let the timer reach zero to die with him. However, if you prefer not to die; there are two ways to avoid your death.

The first way is to escape using Alex’s Escape Pod but it requires EP-101 keycard, found in Alex’s room in the Crew Quarters. If you have the keycard, simply fly towards the Escape Pod and launch it.

For the second way, head to the Arboretum and proceed towards the Shuttle Bay. There are quite a few enemies in the area so watch out!

Anyway, continue to proceed towards Dahl’s command shuttle, speak to everyone, and join Dahl in the cockpit. Now sit back and watch the cut-scene.

A Hidden Place

After the credits end, you will wake up in a place known as “A Hidden Place.” The choices you made will be matched and placed for you. You will be given one final choice to make by Alex. It’s just a question of what kind of person you want to be.

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