Prey 2017 Emails Locations Guide

In our Prey 2017 Emails Locations Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding every single piece of e-mail in the game to unlock the ‘Press Sneak’ Achievement/Trophy.

In addition to serving as simple collectibles, some of the e-mails in the game also contain passwords for terminals and other locations across the Talos 1.

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Prey 2017 Emails Locations

In our Prey 2017 Emails guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about finding every single piece of e-mail in the game.

Neuromod Division Emails

Congrats! And welcome!, Delivery, Ready?
You need to interact with your workstation inside the apartment to read these three e-mails.

After waking up in your apartment, interact with the workstation to read six e-mails with this same subject.

Evelyn McCarthy
Subjects – RE: Daily Tests, A Note about this Morning
You need to access the workstation of Evelyn McCarthy to read these two e-mails.

Marco Simmons
Subjects – Reminder about Company Password Policy, A Note about this Morning, Bad Install?
In the Simulation Debriefing and access Marco Simmons’ workstation to access these three e-mails.

Demetri Bowser
Subjects – A Note about this Morning
In the Simulation Stage-B, head to the backside of the Testing Facility’s reception desk to access Demetri Bowser’s workstation and the e-mail.

Jiao-Long Heng
Subjects – A Note about this Morning, Morgan’s Behavior
You need to access the Testing Rooms (Observations) and check Heng’s workstation to check the two e-mails.

Jovan Gravilovic
Subjects – Next Week’s Test, A Note about this Morning, URGENT!
After entering the Research and Design, enter the first cubicle on the left-hand side to access Jovan Gravilovic’s workstation and read three e-mails.

Silvain Bellamy
Subjects – Personality Drift Results, Daily Tests, RE: Have my people been coming to you?
While in the Research and Design, head inside Dr. Bellamy’s office to access the workstation and check these e-mails.

Alice Aiken
Subjects – RE: Simulation Question
You will find one email in Alice Aiken Workstation which you have to read.

Caleb Hawethorne
Subjects – A Note about this Morning, RE: Igwe’s Talk
You will have to read two emails from Caleb Hawethorne Workstation.

Security Station
One email will be founded at security station Computer.

Junior Bookman
Subjects – Again. Fantastic.
You will find one email in Junior Bookman Workstation.

John Haskins
Subjects – RE: Volunteer Attitude
You will find one email in John Haskins workstation which you have to read.

Halden Graves
Subjects – RE: Exotic materials, Missing Neuromods
Two emails are in Halden Graves workstation which you have to read.

Talos 1 Lobby Emails

Bianca Goodwin
Subjects – Volunteer Attitude, RE: Meeting Gustav, RE: RE: Leitner’s visit?
You need to head over to the third floor and head right towards the Executive Offices. Once there, head inside Bianca Goodwin’s office to check the e-mails on the workstation.

Sylvain Bellamy
Subjects – Test Subject
You need to head over to the third floor and head right towards the Executive Offices. Once there, head inside Sylvain Bellamy’s office to read this e-mail.

Jason Chang
Subjects – Keycode Changed
You need to head over to the third floor and head right towards Jason Chang’s desk to access the workstation and read the e-mail.

Morgan Yu
Subjects – YOU MADE IT, ?, Do Not Disturb

Sara Elazar
Subjects – Need Security Escort, Something’s On the Station, Ilyushin, Missing Keycard

Security Station
Subjects – HELP!, Help!, Help!, Morgan Yu’s Office Keypad

Elias Black
Subjects – Yuri

Thomas Tucker
Subjects – Good News, Hunter Hale, FW: Thief

Yuki Kimura
Subjects – Exports

Security Station | Trauma Center
Subjects – RE: RE: NSP Booster Shots?, INCOMING CASUALTIES

Mathias Kohl
Subjects – Have my People been Coming to see you?, RE: Trevor Young

Regina Sellers
Subjects – RE: RE: RE: Patient Access Request, RE: RE: NSP Booster Shots?

Hendrik DeVries
Subjects – Morgan’s Psych Evals, Subject for Quarantine

Hardware Labs Emails

Hope Ellis
You’re my only Hope, Demo Delay

Jorgen Thorstein
Subjects – My New Reployer, Part Requisition

Thaddeus York
Subjects – Eyes and Ears, Did you Lose This?, You’re in Charge
You need to head over to the second floor of the atrium to access Thaddeus York’s workstation and check the e-mails.

Group: Small Scale Testing
Subjects – You Win, If you Need Supplies, “Gloo” Test Results
The Small Scale Testing workstation is located near the window that you can access to check these e-mails.

Ballistics Lab
Subjects – Unknown Material, Recycler Charge Fab Plan

Clive Lawrence
Subjects – The Huntress is Ready, Missing Operator Parts, RE: Fabricator Malfunction

Mary Malinaro
Subjects – Warning! Radiation, Assassin League

Franklin Goode
Subjects – RE: Bolt Effectiveness, Psychotronic Satellite

Josh Dalton
Subjects – RE: Canceled Forever, RE: Workplace Grievance

Lane Carpenter
Subjects – Blackbox Shipment, RE: FW: Thief
Once inside the Beams and Waves Lab, access Lane Carpenter’s workstation to check the e-mail.

Lorenzo Calvino
Subjects – RE: Custom Travel Mug, RE: Scale Modification Request, Looking Glass Technical Specs
You need to access Lorenzo Calvino’s workstation to read these e-mails.

The Blackbox Project
Subjects – Blackbox Project, Q-Beam Fabrication Plan

Talos 1 Exterior Emails

Mikhaila Ilyushin
Subjects – RE: Have you Seen Jean, See Me


Security Station
Subjects – Apprehending Dr. Gallegos

Hans Kelstrup
Subjects – Time to Talk, Tokaji’s injury, Telepath Rejection, Status Report: Tokaji and 37

Rory Manion
Subjects – RE: Mimic Theory, DomeTaker, Mystery Man

Helen Barker-Combs
Subjects – Status Report: 37, RE: 37 Suicide Watch Update, Encephalectomy

Mitsuko Tokaji
Subjects – Didn’t Taste Like Chicken, RE: Implant Mirror Neurons in Typhons?

Annalise Gallegos
Subjects – Remember your Mission, I’m an idiot

Demian Linn
Subjects – RE: I’m an idiot, Mod Malfunctions

G.U.T.S. Emails

Eric Berger
Subjects – RE: G.U.T.S. – Subsection 19

Laurel Davis
Subjects – Shield Generator Malfunction, Shut it Down, RE: I’m Fine

Security Station
Subjects – FW: Josh Dalton MIA???, Shield Generator Malfunction

Cargo Processing
Subjects – Are you Ready?

Brittany Lavalley
Subjects – Shuttle Bay Access

Arboretum Emails

Alex Yu
Subjects – RE: Missing Keycard, RE: Rogue Operator, No Subject, Results of Morgan Eval

Crew Quarters

Do note that you need the Mimic Matter in order to enter Mikhaila Ilyushin’s cabin.

Security Station
Subjects – Intruder, A Basement in Space, Not Sparkling, New Gym Code

Alex Yu
Subjects – Trouble with Ilyushin, No Subject, Security Footage, Mikhaila Follow-Up

Sarah Elazar
Subjects – Need Security Escort, Something’s On the Station, Missing Keycard, Ilyushin
Inside the Security Office, head inside Sarah Elazar’s office right next to the Security Booth to check the workstation and the e-mails.

Hans Kelstrup
Subjects – Canned Pears, ARN’s

Will Mitchell
Subjects – Food request for Alex, RE: EMOTE Upgrade

Dayo Igwe
Subjects – RE: Meeting Gustav

Mikhaila Ilyushin
Subjects – We Should Meet Soon, Volunteer Data Access, RE: Door sensors in Psychotronics

Sylvain Bellamy
Subjects – Morgan’s Solutions

Jorgen Thorstein
Subjects – My New Reployer, Part Requisition

Danielle Sho
Subjects – RE: My Password, Preparing for the Concert, Treasure Hunt

Abigail Foy
Subjects – Where are you?, Are you OK?, Please be there, Come Find me, RE: Treasure Hunt

Emma Beatty
Subjects – Personal Training Session, Treasure Hunt

Deep Storage Emails

Zachary West
Subjects – RE: Freaky B, Treasure Hunt

Ivy Song
Subjects – Freaky B

Danielle Sho
Subjects – No Subject, RE: Rogue Operator, Treasure Hunt

Cargo Bay

Cargo Processing
Subjects – RE: RE: Are you ready?

Gerald Wildman
Subjects – RE: Hazmat Transfer Today, Dr. Igwe Temporary Assignment

Gus Magill
Subjects – Exterior Door Welded, RE: Unresolved G.U.T.S. Incident, Catastrophic Accident Report

Life Support Emails

Security Station
Subjects – Priorities…, Corrective Action, Missing Engineer

Supply Depot
Subjects – Equipment Reminder

Jean Faure
Subjects – Precautions and Thanks

Price Broadway
Subjects – I care…, Working under the Influence

Abigail Foy
Subjects – Harvesting Protocols

Power Plant Emails

Emmanuel Mendez
Subjects – RE: The escape pods…, RE: Duncan

Duncan Krassikoff
Subjects – RE: Thought you should Know, RE: Unauthorized Tech

Matthew Connolly
Subjects – RE: Shipment Ready, RE: SuiTwo Test, RE: A little Help, RE: DomeTaker

Lan Nguyen
Subjects – You want in?, RE: Faulty grounding resistor

Shuttle Bay

You need to make sure that Dahl has reached Talos in order to find these e-mails.

Security Station
Subjects – Help!

Mia Bayer
Subjects – RE: Cut Off, Re-Stock, Windows

Frank Jones
Subjects – Escape, RE: Lunch?, Pod Repairs

Scott Parker
Subjects – Get your Shit Together, [Draft] Help, Walther Dahl, CAMAZOTZ

Talos 1 Bridge Emails

Skye Braxton
Subjects – New People

Penny Tennyson
Subjects – Where are you?, RE: Readings around Talos, Izumi’s Surprise Birthday Party

Cptn. Jada Marks
Subjects – Shuttle “Advent”, Are you there?

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