Prey 2017 Detour Walkthrough Guide – Accessing G.U.T.S., Calibrating Psychscope, Accessing Deep Storage, Smuggling Ring Side-Quest

Prey 2017 Detour Walkthrough Guide will help you with Detour objective where you need to access the Deep Storage. However, things are not looking bright as the lift is not working and you will have to take a long detour and face different types of enemies which have different abilities.

Prey 2017 is a reboot of the Prey which launched back in 2006. Despite sharing the same name the reboot has nothing in common with the original. However, before the rebooting the franchise, Prey 2 was also in the works, a sequel to the original Prey. However, Prey 2 was canceled by Bethesda for not being up to par with quality.

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Prey 2017 Detour Walkthrough Guide

Mogan needs to get the fabrication plans for his arming key and the Fabrications plans are in Deep Storage. However, Morgan can’t reach the Deep Storage because the main lift is stuck at the top and January suggests and alternative path, a Detour, through the Psychotronics lab.

Psychotronics Lab – Accessing the Gravity Utility Tunnel System

Make your way to the Psychotronics Lab, to get to the Deep Storage you need to go at the top and unstuck the elevator. From this lab, you can access the Gravity Utility Tunnel System and make your way to Arboretum, at the top of the station. However, this area is not safe and there are arcs of electricity blocking your path coming from a damaged electrical junction on the left of the corridor. Hit it with GLOO gun and block the electricity.

As you exit, there is a large circular room with perimeter paths just beyond the door and both paths lead to the security checkpoint. However, the door to the to the security booth is locked you can hack it or break the window using your wrench and take aim at the security station inside with your Huntress Boltcaster. Shoot the Utilities tab on the screen and then shoot the button at the bottom of the screen to unlock the security booth’s door.

Access the security station and download the map of Psychotronics Lab. The corridor beyond the security booth is branched. They lead to men and women’s restroom. Go to the women’s restroom and there will be a phantom inside. Take care of the phantom and then make your way to men’s locker room with and there will be a hole in the ground, drop down through it. You will find some mimics down here and locate Janos Joszef’s body he is wearing the Psychoscope which is essential to move ahead with the plot. Keep the Psychoscope active and retrace your steps back to the hole and scan an enemy with it. As the scan is completed its weaknesses, immunities, and powers are revealed.

Now climb out of the hole and defeat the mimics and phantoms in the area and proceed to the decontamination area. Pass through the decontamination chamber and enter the Grav Shaft and ride it up to the Atrium.

Atrium – Calibrating the Psychoscope

As you reach the Atrium, Alex will contact you and will tell you to calibrate your Psychoscope by scanning the Phantoms in the nearby containment chambers. Investigate the four containment chambers in the center of the Atrium. Interact with the screen on the containment shield to raise it and scan the Phantoms to update your research and to complete it you need to scan four of them. As you complete the research, Alex will give you a key code and this will trigger another optional objective.

Director’s Office – Accessing the Office and Retrieving the Keycard

Now make your way to Dr. Kelstrup’s office. The door will be locked but you can get inside through the windows just break the GLOO with your wrench and enter. The side objective triggered when Alex gives you key code is for Dr. Kelstrup’s safe. The safe is s located in his office. All you have to do is open the safe and collect. There will be two keycards on Dr. Kelstrup’s body so take them.

Copy Protection Side-Quest

As you open the safe you get the ability to create tour own Neuromods, however, Lead Neuromod Engineer Halden Graves revoked all Neuromod fabrication licenses. You need to locate Graves Office in Neuromod Division and reset the license. However, you can visit his office later, right now concentrate on the task at hand and return to Atrium.

Approach the large circular door labeled Containment as you get back in the Atrium. Step up to the door and wait for it to open automatically. There is a massive containment cell filled with some type of orange energy just beyond the door. Scan the Weaver insise and ignore large containment chamber for now and locate the doorway labeled Labs B. Step through the door and ascend the adjoining stairs to reach a catwalk above the Atrium. Clear the Labs B and exit it.

Follow the adjoining catwalk crossing over to Labs A. Stop at the Airlock and unlock it this will allow you to travel to Psychotronics through the station’s exterior. Return to the Atrium and continue into Containment. Just to the left of the massive containment chamber is a corridor leading to Material Extraction. However, ruptured gas lines have filled the corridor with fire. Use your GLOO Gun to seal the first breach in the line. Mimics will attack you from the other side but the fire will damage them. Just back off and wait for the fire to take them out. Continue down the corridor and at the end of the corridor use your wrench to shatter the GLOO deposits blocking access to Material Extraction.

Extracting the Materials

You will find a live volunteer trapped inside a containment cell. Approach the cell to trigger an optional objective where you will have to decide if the volunteer will live or die. You can also scan the volunteer.

The Psychotronics Prisoner Side-Quest

Interact with the console in front of the holding cell. If you choose to let him go he will give you the keycode to the armory. If not, then access the Mimic Multiplication tab and press a series of buttons. The prisoner will die because of the experiment, and that is all for this side quest.

Live Exam – The Containment Shield

After you are done with the side quest make your way back to the containment and enter the corridor leading to Live Exam. However, the passage to G.U.T.S is blocked until you complete the experiment in this area. Approach the Live Exam terminal near the containment chamber. Select the live Exam Controls tab on the terminal and select “Open Containment Shield”.

As the shield open activate your Psychoscope and scan the weaver, which will interact with the body will create a Voltaic Phantom. Scan to reveal its weaknesses and deal with it. Use an EMP charge against this Phantom to temporarily disable its abilities. Attack with your Q-Beam as the Voltaic Phantom exits the containment chamber. Keep the weapon’s beam concentrated on the target until it explodes.

After this, the path to G.U.T.S will open up and Alex will contact you, as he talks search the room. Now, enter the corridor leading to the G.U.T.S. Be careful of the Phantom in this area and enter the Gravity Utility Tunnel System. This part of the game is pretty linear just thrust forward. Pass through the circular door at the end of the tunnel, following the signs to the Cargo Tunnel and Magnetosphere.

Just beyond the door, you will encounter a strange Typhon. Scan it and keep your didstance from their nest, if you want to you can destroy them with GLOO gun. Now pass through the next doorway. Search for Kimberly Bomo body as she has the keycode for the next door. input the code and move ahead, however, Cystoid infestation in this area is critical. The next door will be malfunctioning and will be blocked by arcs of electricity. Use your GLOO gun to repair the electricity junctions and pass through the door. The door to the cargo tunnel will be locked and you will have to take a Detour to grab the keycard and open it. The entrance to the Magnetosphere is next to Ramon Ridley’s body. Rotate to orient yourself with this subsection’s doorway then thrust forward.

Magnetosphere – Kline’s Keycard

Proceed to Magnetosphere control room and you will have to search for Anders Kline’s body as she has the keycard to the Cargo bay. Shut down the Magnetosphere to make it easier to retrieve the keycard on Anders Kline’s body while navigating within the Magnetosphere chamber. Ascend the nearby staircase to the Magnetosphere chamber, the path will be infested with Cystoids.

Enter the Magnetosphere chamber and locate Anders Kline’s body. Once you find the body grab the keycard to the Maintenance Tunnel. Now exit the Magnetosphere chamber and return to control room and return to Maintenance Tunnel. Now approach the locked door and use the keycard. The tunnel beyond the door is filled with the golden filament-like material you first encountered in the Behavioral Biometrics lab. However, it won’t harm you so feel free to roam about. The tunnel will end at a T, so read the signs and go to the Arboretum. Activate your Psychoscope to scan a Weaver hovering in the middle of this tunnel. Continue down the tunnel until you reach the door leading to the Arboretum. Exit the tunnel system to access this storage area.

Arboretum – Exploring the Greenhouse

As you enter the Arboretum ascend the staircase near the Recycler and Fabricator. The door above will not open and a massive and unknown Typhon will pass by just stay away from it and force open the door if you possess the Leverage III ability. From the door turn right to spot the body of Marc Sellers hanging out of a duct. Make your way inside the duct and exit from the other side to the Green House. Explore the Greenhouse if you like and then exit and proceed down the large staircase. Enter the corridor leading to the Talos I Lobby. Proceed down the corridor and look for Lily Morris’ corpse on the right. Her TranScribe reveals another optional objective.

Talos Smuggling Ring Side-Quest

Play the recording on Lily Morris’ TranScribe to trigger this optional objective. The first drop point is located just above Morris’ body—look for the red alarm bell. Hit the bell three times using your wrench to reveal the hidden safe containing some ammo and a Neuromod. This is the first of six drop points, keep an eye for more alarm bells. Now make your way to the corridor outside and enter the door leading to the Talos I Lobby. It’s time to fix that lift.

Arboretum Foyer – Moving On

Sneak to the lift and the elevator bank is guarded by a large, unknown Typhon organism. Scan it to reveal its attributes and name. The Typhon is Technopath and he is accompanied by two corrupted operators. Throw an EMP grenade to focus on the Technopath Target the Technopath with your Q-Beam. Make sure the weapon is fully loaded before opening fire. Concentrate a steady beam of unstable particles into the Technopath until it explodes.

Eliminate the corrupted operators and the lift has become functional granting you access to Talos I Lobby and Life Support. Return to Arboretum and there will be a couple of Phantoms lurking just beyond the makeshift barricade. Break through the GLOO deposits and take care of the Phantoms ahead. Now make your way to the Weapons locker and keep pushing ahead to Deep Storage.

Make your way to the Deep Storage Grav Shaft and beware as an Etheric Phantom will be lurking by the Weapons locker. Enter the Grav Shaft leading down to the Deep Storage entryway. There will be a dead body in front of you, search it and play the recording which will reveal the Depp Storage access is keyed to Danielle Sho’s voice. The recording will suggest gathering Danielle Sho’s voice samples to unlock the door. The samples can then be pieced together using software on your TranScribe to synthesize her voice. January will agree to this method and suggests searching Sho’s cabin located in the Crew Quarters.

That is all for our Prey 2017 Detour Walkthrough Guide for Detour objective with tips on how to get to the Arboretum and unlock the lift!

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